Scotiabank Get 4000 Bonus Scene Points With A Scene Visa Card, No Annual Fee Get 4000 Bonus Scene Points With A Scene Visa Card

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Here at, we talk regularly about credit cards and which provide the best value. A lot of the that conversation focuses on up market credit cards, but there are definitely other cards worth talking about. The Scotiabank SCENE VISA Card is a good example. It has rewards that a lot of people can make good use of, no annual fee, and modest requirements. We'd say it's a strong choice for someone's first credit card. Here's a closer look at the features:

  • 4,000 bonus SCENE points
  • No annual fee
  • 19.99% interest rate on purchases, 21.99% interest rate on cash advances, balance transfers
  • Earn one SCENE point for every dollar you spend
  • Earn five SCENE points for every dollar you spend at participating Cineplex Entertainment theatre or online at
  • Redeem points for free movies at Cineplex Entertainment theatres, music and other entertainment rewards

Up front, you get 4,000 SCENE points after your first purchase -- that's 4 free movies (the equivalent of about $40). At the start of the application process, you can link it to your existing SCENE account, or create a new one.

Most other "entry level" credit cards don't have much in the way of bonuses to begin with. The Scotiabank SCENE VISA is definitely worth a look if you are student or looking for a basic credit card.

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