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Tablets are everywhere now but, as most will tell you, getting work accomplished on them is a tough task. Sure, they're fun to play with and watch movies on but bringing it to class to take notes isn't the easiest thing. The Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro models are here to buck the trend of non-productive tablets and, just in time for back to school, have undergone a price drop. They're worth considering as alternatives if you're looking for an entry level or mid range laptop. Here's a closer look at the discounts:

Surface RT

  • 32 GB Surface RT - Tablet - $349 was $499
  • 32 GB Surface RT - Tablet with black Touch Cover - $449 was $599
  • 64 GB Surface RT - Tablet - $449 was $599
  • 64 GB Surface RT - Tablet with black Touch Cover - $549 was $699

Surface Pro

  • 64 GB Surface Pro Tablet - $799 was $899
  • 128 GB Surface Pro Tablet - $899 was $999

Though prices are higher than your average Android or Apple tablet, the real draw of the RT and Pro is that you're getting a portable version of Windows to carry with you on the go. Other tablet operating systems are fairly limited, but the RT and Pro allow you to work productively without sacrificing entertainment when you're not in class. Other notable features include 720p HD cameras, Bluetooth, a micro SDXC card reader and up to 8 hours of battery life.

These appear to be permanent price drops but you'll want to get your order in soon to have yours ready for the start of class.


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    • So whats the catch with surface RT? Can't install normal x86 programs right?
      As for surface pro, think imma go with a full fledge new haswell hybrid ultrabook for not too much more.
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    • no 3g ot lte = fail
      no pen = fail
      rt = fail
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    • oh snap, and i thought this was a real deal : /
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    • I love my surfacr rt , it does everything I need from it and the best part was the price $199.00 . Though there no way i would ever pay the full price
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    • You can get a 1080p android tablet for the same price, look at the acer memo pad. Windows RT is garbage, the fact they are still selling these abominations shows their lack of respect for consumers.
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