Microsoft Microsoft Store: MSI 17.3" Gaming Laptop with Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD, GTX 1660 Ti $1274.00 (regularly $1799.00) Get an MSI 17.3" Gaming Laptop for $1274!

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Game on-the-go with a new laptop from the Microsoft Store, because you can get an MSI 17.3" Gaming Laptop with Intel Core i7 Processor, 16GB RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD + 1TB Hard Drive and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti graphics for $1274.00 (regularly $1799.00) with free shipping, for a total savings of $525.00!

This gaming laptop features a few mid-range specs not commonly found on gaming laptops at the same price-point, including a 144Hz IPS display, NVMe storage and discrete GeForce GTX 1660Ti graphics -- for comparison, a very similar configuration with a 512GB SSD instead of dual-storage is currently $1748.00 at Other specs include:

  • 17.3" IPS display (1920 x 1080) with 144Hz refresh rate
  • Intel Core i7-9750H processor up to 4.5GHz with 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM
  • 256GB NVMe SSD (boot) with 1TB hard drive (storage)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics with 6GB dedicated memory
  • Ports: 1x USB-C 3.1, 3x USB 3.1, 1x HDMI, 1x Ethernet, 1x headphone/microphone jack
  • Built-in card-reader, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0
  • Steel Series backlit keyboard with anti-ghost key+ lining

This offer is available online and in Microsoft retail stores until November 21. The Microsoft Store offers free shipping on all orders with no minimum.


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    • good deal this one. it is as good as the Lenovo price error.
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    • This is an AWESOME deal. Practically performs the same as the 2060 in a laptop, ie the price error from Lenovo everyone lost it over earlier this year.
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    • Really wish I hadn't bought a macbook right about now
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    • Good deal, please proceed with the stock out.
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    • Good find OP! You can't really get much better than this unless it's a price error.
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    • Cant tell if Rakuten will give cash back on this? Is this considered a third party device? Thx.
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    • Thanks op was in the market for 15 inch gaming laptop
      17 inch even better, ordered one

      Mine just shipped this morning .

      Folks, buy now think later 😋
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    • Don’t forget ebates/Rakuten folks!
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    • ayo23 wrote: That's the US website.
      $1300 USD is ~$1720 CAD
      This is what happens when I post before 8...
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    • Reviews for those who are interested. It's a lot of hardware for the money. A few things to consider:

      -Plastic case
      -Heavy(er) for the segment
      -PWM sensitive users beware (At 17% brightness, the display starts to flicker with a frequency of 25510 Hz.)
      -95% sRGB, 60% AdobeRGB
      -54 W battery (near class worst at 3 hours and 10 minutes)
      -Temperatures hit 93 C under stress test load, but temperatures went down as the CPU pulled clock speeds down to 2.8 GHz (no throttling issues). Witcher 3 on ultra hit 70 C on the CPU.
      -Cooling fans hit 50 dB under load

      All-in-all, a really nice offering if you plan on using this docked majority of the time. Battery life is below my minimum acceptance of 6 hours, but that's natural for the hardware, battery size and lack of Optimus.

      Verdict: Buy now if you can live with PWM, the battery life and noise. ... 827.0.html
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    • sabatale wrote: This is what happens when I post before 8...
      Right, the Canadian Microsoft website is insanely cheap and quite likely an error. We'll see if Microsoft honours it.
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    • That is not the spec sheet for the sale model...the spec sheet says RTX 2060. Which is the one reviewed here: ... 496.0.html.

      Where does it say 144hz 3ms? In MS or spec sheet, the review mentioned 120hz even for a model with 2060...even the linked spec sheet says 120hz. Am on mobile maybe I missed something ??

      1660ti and 2060 might not give significant performance boost for older games. But RTX GPUs have new features like hardware level raytracing, GTX can also do raytracing but it takes a significant performance hit when enabled.

      Deal to beat still, last month's Lenovo Y540, (actual)144hz, 16gb, 256gb/1tb, RTX 2060 - $1499 - ebates 10%. ... 659.0.html
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    • Thanks, OP - pretty sweet deal for those specs, even with only 1080P (144hz is nice tho!). Grabbed one while they're hot, and will sit on it through Black Friday and Boxing Day, as there are free returns through Jan. 31, 2020.
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    • Amazing timing, thanks OP.

      I was in the market for a new high performance laptop for gaming, autodesk, and video editing.

      Ticks all the boxes and at an awesome price.

      Definitely a solid upgrade from my dated g73 asus.
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    • This is going to sell out.

      Doesn't unidays have an additional 10% off at ms store?

      Edit: says no coupon is required. The discount will be applied automatically. But the price doesn't drop.
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    • Folks, please grab that morning coffee and start ordering.

      I don't expect to see tears this afternoon as this stocks outs.

      Keep in mind Rakuten is a thing.

      God bless.
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    • Amazing if looking for a 17"

      Nice find OP
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