Staples Staples Clearance Event: EXTRA 25% Off Clearance Products from Logitech, Moleskine, Razer, Roots + More EXTRA 25% Off All Clearance at Staples!

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Double-dip on discounts at Staples this week, because their Clearance Event is on now and you'll save an additional 25% on already-reduced clearance products until February 11!

There are over 700 products available -- simply add any eligible item to your cart and use the promo code 72341 at checkout to apply the bonus savings!

We've listed a handful of products to provide some shopping inspiration (all prices include the 25% discount).

Groceries and Household

Office and School Supplies

Peripherals and Accessories

The Staples Clearance Event is effective online only until February 11. Quantities are limited, so shop quickly before stock is gone! offers free shipping for orders over $35.00, along with free in-store pick-up (where available) with no minimum order.


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    • So basically excluding anything that's good, but including the iPhone 4 cases and 2gb SD cards that continue to haunt the clearance bins.
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    • Save an additional 25% on clearance items.

      Use coupon code: 72341
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    • any coupons that can be stacked with this?
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    • Lindt 100gr chocolate bars are $1.97 -25% (in store pick up only)
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    • Ended up grabbing the G633 headset for myself and G332 for my son. Hopefully they're better than the trash headsets we already have
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    • mampo7 wrote: any coupons that can be stacked with this?
      Instore you can .
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    • Tommytppt wrote: MX Master 2s for $60. Not available for delivery but can pickup. YMMV based on location. Same price as hot BestBuy black friday sale I believe. ... less-mouse
      Just as a note, I bought this on that sale last year and it's a HUGE mouse. The fourth image in the Staples website is NOT the Master 2S. You can clearly see that based on the back/forward buttons on the side.

      I have relatively small hands and I find this mouse really just too big. I couldn't use it for gaming and I'm currently trying to get used to it for light task work at the office but it's really just too big.

      I'd be happy to sell/swap it to anyone interested if the Staples deal sells out or whatever. I paid $50.85 after tax back on December 2nd. Only light use.
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    • Wow!!!! Whole lot of absolutely nothing over 25 pages....... :)

      I did click through on a 3 pack of "metal" sharpies, but not available online, and the closest in store is in PEI.... :)

      They've got an ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom listed for $150 which would have been a decent grab, but it's OOS online, and not available in stores so not really sure why it's listed.....
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    • Well that's 10 minutes of my life I won't get back. I was really torn with getting the "Make your own harmonica" or the "Eyeglass repair kit" so I skipped them both.
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    • Looks to be great for gaming skus.
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    • grabbed the K-Select for 51$ taxes in. thanks a lot OP!
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    • JoDragon wrote: grabbed the K-Select for 51$ taxes in. thanks a lot OP!
      Good luck hope they ship but been out of stock online for ages. I assume you were lucky to find instore stock.
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    • Location: Bolton ON

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    • Got the mouse G402 from web and pickup in store
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    • hlfire wrote: Good luck hope they ship but been out of stock online for ages. I assume you were lucky to find instore stock.
      found it in-store indeed. already have my hands on it.
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    • Got the Razer Deathadder Elite Mouse for $30 great deal!
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    • Good find
      Staples runs in store clearance from time to time as well, but not sure if extra 25% off is in store as well
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