Microsoft Microsoft Store Pi Day Deals: Up to 31.4% Off Select PCs, 31.4% Off Select Windows Mixed Reality Headsets + More Take Up to 31.4% Off Select PCs + More!

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Pi lasts forever, but the Pi Day Deals at the Microsoft Store won't, so hurry over and save on your next computer, because you can take up to 31.4% off select PCs, 31.4% off select Windows Mixed Reality headsets and 31.4% off select Microsoft Surface accessories!

Prices are as marked on the product pages and there are over 30 desktops and laptops available in this sale, including a top-of-the-line XPS 15 4K laptop with over $1000.00 in savings!

We've listed a few of the PCs available, along with the Windows Mixed Reality headsets and Surface accessories below.


Mixed Reality Headsets

Surface Bags and Sleeves

The Microsoft Store Pi Day Deals are effective online and in Microsoft retail stores until March 26. Quantities are limited, so shop quickly before stock is gone! The Microsoft Store offers free shipping on all orders with no minimum.


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    • Holy. This is an extremely good deal considering the 1050 graphics.
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    • Excellent deal, but too big for my use unfortunately.
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    • This is a steal. Should I buy it? Any issues with it? Reviews are not good.
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    • HOT DEAL. I bought the FHD version for about 1700 during the holidays....the 4K version was about 300 more at the time. Great laptop

      They go on sale regularly on the dell website so a more accurate "regular" price is ~2200 CAD. So at this price its a steal
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    • Such a good deal! Thank you. The only badside for me is battery and webcam placement..
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    • Wow.. amazing price indeed. I have the XPS 13 and I paid more than this with lower specs.
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    • SureshA720227 wrote:
      Mar 14th, 2018 10:56 am
      This is a steal. Should I buy it? Any issues with it? Reviews are not good.
      The specs are great and XPS is the top-of-the-line dell consumer series. But I find the keyboard on XPS laptops to be a bit mushy. I find my Spectre X360 15" keyboard a little better to type on. But obviously, nothing beats the ThinkPad keyboard I came from :(
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    • Good deal but the user reviews on the that page...
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    • Wow, I paid almost 2x this just over 1 year ago! Great laptop.
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    • I have the previous gen version of this (for which I paid too much). This is a great deal, just don't buy it as a gaming notebook because XPS machines do tend to throttle in extreme usage situations. If you do buy it from the Microsoft store, make sure the warranty is set up for Canada, because mine came from the Microsoft store and was registered in the USA, it was horrible and time confusing to get it switched after I had an issue with it and Dell's customer support people are both indifferent and powerless. They outsource to the lowest bidder and man does it show.
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    • Pulled the trigger. If I don't like it, I will just return it. I am just concerned about the blue screen and other flickering issues mentioned in the reviews. I hope they wont appear after 15 days.
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    • Phenomenal deal!
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    • That 1050 isn't running anything at 4K. Not sure how badly image quality suffers at 1080p, but if you're interested in the laptop you should definitely test that first.
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    • The user reviews are terrible
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    • FrankCh wrote:
      Mar 14th, 2018 11:06 am
      The user reviews are terrible
      yeah they are really scary. What if issues appear after return windows? That would be a hassle to go over warrnty
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    • Bought! Got the gen before this model and love it. GF need a computer so this works perfect. Wish it was a 1060 but otherwise happy
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    • XPS 15 is plagued with QC issues , check all of this(from Dell Reddit) common issues before keeping yours


      Ghosting: Play a fastpaced game or visit blurbusters to see how bad it is. Certain FHD monitors are plagued by ghosting.

      Backlight-bleeding: Some units have backlight bleeding present. You can check this by putting the laptop in a dark room with a black wallpaper put fullscreen. If there are lighter spots across the edges or corners that don't dissapear when turning the laptop, it is considered backlight-bleeding and it will need to be repaired. (Check Google for how backlight-bleeding looks in case you are still doubting). IPS glow is something totally different though, and nearly every XPS/IPS laptop has some of it!

      Dead or White pixels = Find a contrasting wallpaper and check for them.

      Red shift/Pinkish hue on screen = Most of the times 4K units suffer from this, but FHD units can too. You can always pick some up when looking at it from extreme angles, however, when you see it sitting straight in front of it it is considered a defect.


      Caps-lock backlight: In some units the capslock button isn't illuminated when pressed.

      Mushy keys/spacebar: Keys are hard to press or take a long time to travel back up. The 9550 especially had quite a lot of units with a mushy spacebar.

      Elevated keys: Some people report having elevated keys which actually touch the screen when the laptop is closed. Look at your laptop to see if the keys are level with each other.


      Touchpad: Check whether your touchpad isn't elevated. If it is, this may be a sign of a bloated battery which will need to be replaced. It should sit just a bit under the palmrest.

      Heatsinks: Fold open the laptop and check wheter there are no gaps between the heatsinks and the exterior of the laptop.

      Gaps between bezel and display: Some display units may be improperly placed, meaning you have a bit of a black bar on one side.

      Scratches on laptop: Rare, but it sometimes happens in shipping.


      Diagnostic: Run the built in system diagnostic by pressing F12 and choosing "Diagnostics". This is a very simple test though, so if you really suspect a certain part it may be better to find a specific diagnostic tool for it.

      Thermals: Stress your CPU and GPU using benchmarks to see if your CPU/GPU throttle. If they do, repasting / replacing the heatsink will need to occur.

      Ports: Try to check if all the ports work.

      Battery: Run a batteryreport on Windows and monitor the wear level of the battery. If it is higher then 10% shortly after first use, get it replaced.

      Chassis: Some laptops arrive "bent" meaning they have a wobble. This must be fixed with a repair. Some people have luck flexing the body of the laptop, but I'd disadvise that.

      Coil whine: While it is less on the new 9560's, Coil Whine is still a issue. You can check if you have it by having your ear over your keyboard in a silent environment. If you hear a sort of crackle, or buzz, that is coil whine. As long as you don't hear it during regular use it is normal.
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    • The reviews scare the absolute crap out of me, but if I get it and it is fine, this is the deal of the century for me. I'm fine with the 1050 graphics. Everything else is unbelievable. 4k screen, 16gb ram, 512ssd, AMAZING. I will test it out, Microsoft has no hassle 30 day returns too. Is there 10% cashback, too? or did I frantically buy this and read that wrong?
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