Microsoft Microsoft Store March Break Deals: HP 15.6" 2-in-1 Laptop $749, Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundle $329, Xbox One Headset $60 + More March Break Deals! Xbox One Headset $60 + More!

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March Break means you'll have more free time for shopping, so visit the Microsoft Store and shop their March Break Deals, where you can save on a number of computers, peripherals and Xbox products!

We've listed a few of the offers from this sale to help give you an idea of what's available.


Peripherals and Accessories

Video Games

Act fast if you have your eye on an item, because these March Break Deals are effective until March 16 online and in Microsoft retail stores -- be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more March Break Deals in the future! The Microsoft Store offers free shipping on all orders with no minimum.


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    • Not too shabby, but the only real Xbox deal is the console, which is post-dishes-washed-dishwater warm to be honest. I picked up Halo MCC and Halo 5 for $9 and $17 respectively on *equip flamesuit* CDKeys and GoW:UE for like $15 on the Xbox Store.

      If you're looking for the controllers Amazon has the white and black (new gen with Bluetooth) for $49, but no blue. Could attempt a price match even though different colours perhaps...

      Can't comment on the PC deals either...been out of the PC game too long.

      Either way, thanks for the heads up, always like seeing deals on games on here.
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    • MS has virtually destroyed that store with it's redesign. Can not sort by cost at least the last time I looked.

      Oh and the best thing about the ols MS Store was the lack of proof that was needed to show that you were a student. Fun over now.

      Bonus beef. Last time i looked they were charging me PST and there is no MS Store in the province so there should be no PST right?
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    • you get charged PST based on where you live.. not where the store is located.
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    • Pretty cool sharing. thanks OP!
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    • Glommers wrote:
      Mar 9th, 2017 1:57 pm
      you get charged PST based on where you live.. not where the store is located.
      They only started charging PST in the last half year. Some stores don't charge PST at all. Figure that.
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    • MS has a few different console bundles at the same price but if someone wants the Halo / GOW bundle this is a good deal for this time of the year.

      Best Buy has the same pricing until end of March for the consoles and has the same bundles. Except for the Halo / GOW bundle which is sold out.
      While you are at Best Buy you can also get an amazing $2 off of For Honor. Reg price $80, on sale $78.
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