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    • I don't have a 950 but I still love/loved my Windows Phones. Sadly the platform is not really going to go anywhere and I'm not sure MS is even going to bring another flagship later on (or any other phones for that matter). The platform seems to have a very limited future. Like a lot of really good seems destined to a "discontinued too soon" fate.

      Didn't even know the 950 had come down to $339 but still I wouldn't have bought one until under $200 (I'm not a phone-crazy type of person, don't like to spend hundreds to thousands on phones).

      I'll probably keep using WP/W10M until it's really no longer feasible, but I'm thinking that's only perhaps a couple years away from now.
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    • plucky duck wrote:
      Dec 17th, 2016 2:46 am
      For those not allergic to Microsoft OS based phones, this one is on sale. The 950 is all sold out at $339. Not sure if this works with Wind/Mobile city though.
      It will work on WIND on WCDMA.
      Mobilicity has been moved to Rogers' network, and it uses the same frequency as the big, so pretty much any phone will work with Mobilicity.
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    • I thought I heard from somewhere that they may try to piggyback on Surfaces success and come out with a Surface phone, which all runs on Windows 10, no? Anyhow those buying in need to know it's based on what's available now and not what may or may not be available in the future.

      I, for one, am bored with Android phones and iPhones and just want something different just for the sakes of it. Thas why the Elite 5.96" is intriguing me as well, but at that price I'd rather try out the Xiaomi MI Max.
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    • This is a crazy good deal.
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    • I have a 950XL along with a 640, 1520 and a couple of other windows phones, I'm a big fan.
      The phone works well, however you still have hardware and stability issues.
      • camera issues, the phone will overheat and stop recording sometimes when you are recording
      • sd card issues, while I never had any trouble with my sd card in the 1520 or the 640, this phone regularly freezes and reboots when trying to save pictures on the sd card. The freezings and reboots seem to stop when I started saving on the phone vs the SD card.
      • The os is not as responsive as it used to be before they merged with desktop, you will also gain almost zero speed improvements compared to something like a 640, it is well optimized to work well on most things but doesn't seem to take advantage of better hardware
      • Frequent need for reboot for various reasons like the dialer not working anymore after finishing a call, happens a lot when using the Vibers and whatsapps of the world.
      • if you are looking to get windows phone, I would get the cheapest one I can find (640 for instance or a plain 950), it will work just as well without the overheating and the sd card issues
      • the windows hello feature is a gimmick for phone, they should have added a fingerprint scanner
      If you are okay with all the above, go for it.
      Bottom line, it's still my daily but I'm seriously considering something that just works without the weird glitches.

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    • WH0WHAT wrote:
      Dec 17th, 2016 9:21 am
      This is a crazy good deal.
      Crazy hot would be $99 Fire sale :twisted:
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    • whats the state of windows phone? I always thought their UI looked nice but I kept hearing people saying its a dead platform because of apps incompatibility and platform bugs.
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    • WP is still hanging on, although they're shifting focus towards business customers. At the very least there are some phone manufacturers putting WM10 on their phones (HP, Alcatel). HP brought some kind of virtualization service to bridge the gap between phone and desktop, and Microsoft is improving Continuum. There are reports of MS bringing x86 emulation to phones as well.

      I do miss my Lumia 950XL at times (especially the good Outlook email formatting compared to the Android Outlook app). In the meantime, I've switched over to Android + Squarehome launcher :)
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    • Is this a joke? Windows Phone was a failure, it's over.
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    • wow $400 for this ms flagship almost makes it worth buying. I just upgraded to my axon 7 a few months ago & its working just fine + the audio side is totally balling so I cant justify this. good deal for those into the win10 mobile world though.
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    • MooseOllini wrote:
      Dec 17th, 2016 9:42 am
      whats the state of windows phone? I always thought their UI looked nice but I kept hearing people saying its a dead platform because of apps incompatibility and platform bugs.
      I wouldn't buy one now. MS may try again in a year or two with Windows 10 on ARM, but for now Windows mobile is basically non-existent. The 950XL also had a lot of bugs, too. At this price, I would say it's not worth it.
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  • JAC
    • plucky duck wrote:
      Dec 17th, 2016 5:16 am
      I thought I heard from somewhere that they may try to piggyback on Surfaces success and come out with a Surface phone, which all runs on Windows 10, no?
      That's a might/maybe. Surface Phone is something they have been (or had been) working on but it's not a sure thing it will even see the light of day. They are almost certainly going to retired the Lumia name it seems though. WP/W10M (whatever you want to call it) doesn't really have a promising future for consumers anyway. As someone else said they may focus on business which would be good given businesses using crap like iPhone is a rather cruel joke for employees.

      WP is a great OS, it's just it doesn't have any adoption or momentum in the consumer market. Sucks because if the phones disappear I'll have to go to Android which really is a bit annoying in comparison :(
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  • JAC
    • Surface Phone with an x86 chip is what they should have started with, with full Windows compatibility. This ARM crap was dead out of the gate. It's too bad Intel failed with their mobile chips.
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    • drew4008 wrote:
      Dec 17th, 2016 11:19 am
      Is this a joke? Windows Phone was a failure, it's over.
      real talk
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    • Just picked up a 950. The display dock is free as well. I'd the 950 last year when it was launched. Returned it after a month due to the OS issues. I read the W10 has improved allot since. In general I like the W10 mobile better than android. Hopefully I will keep this around this time.
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    • This phone has an amazing camera, and development on the OS is quite active with monthly updates being pushed out. Apps are lacking though
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    • Read that they have stopped manufacturing this phone; think it was one of the W10 forums. Didn't bother to check another source. Will drop by as I was hoping for the trade in deal for older Windows phones to come back. The 920 is still running fine but would like a larger screen. Hopefully, the 950XL is as solid as the 920. 😝
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    • Is this today only? I don't see the dock included in the box for the 950 or the 950xl.
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    • Deal is dead. OOS.
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