Dell Dell Voice: Free Phone Number + VOIP Service (Make Calls on SmartPhone/PC/Tablet over Wifi/3G/4G) Dell Voice: Free Phone Number + VOIP Service

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Here's a handy freebie! Dell Voice is a new program/service from Dell and that gives you a free phone number, free local calling, and free Canadian long distance (see list of cities below) with your smartphone or desktop. Calls between Dell Voice numbers are also free. The key thing to understand is that calls are made over data networks (an active internet connection) instead of voice minutes. That said, it has the advantage of giving you a real phone number that others can call directly -- even from landlines. Most VOIP services don't have this (at least, not free options in Canada).

The service runs as an application on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. You'll be able to call many Canadian cities for free (listed here). Your number also has free voicemail and caller ID. It's not necessarily useful for everyone, but as far as freebies go, this is pretty good! For example, If you take your phone to the US and are somewhere with free WiFi, you can make and receive calls to and from your home area code at no charge. The service currently supports Android, iOS, and Windows (PC). BlackBerry support is expected in the near future.

A lot of readers have put it through its paces. Share your thoughts or find out what others are saying in this forum discussion thread.


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