Dell Dell: New 1920x1080 IPS/MVA LCDs... S2740L 27" IPS $329.99, S2440L 24" AMVA $219.99 New 24" and 27" Monitors on Sale at Dell

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Not too long ago, Dell launched a new S-Series monitor line. The new series occupies the middle-ground between the high-end Ultrasharp line and their more value driven TN panels. Here, Ultrasharp frills like the rotating/height adjustable stand have been cut, but you do get IPS/MVA panels for better colour reproduction and viewing angles. This is the first time these monitors have been available at any kind of notable discount ($40 off).

If you use the green links, you can earn 2.25% cashback from on your purchase.

The 23" and 22" versions are also discounted, but the 24" and 27" represent are definitely stronger values in our book.

For some additional info, check out the TFT Central review of the S2440L and S2740L. It's worth pointing out that the S2740L has very low input lag which makes it nicely suited for gaming.


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