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Dell Canada's Consumer Boxing Week Deals are on nowl Not surprisingly, there are lots of offers on electronics and accessories, monitors, HDTVs, and systems. Some doorcrashers don't launch until a little bit later, but lots of offers are live now.

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Here's a look at some of the available deals:

Electronics & Accessories
  • Dell UltraSharp U2412M 1920x1200 IPS 24-inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor - $249.99
  • Dell - S2740L 27-inch 1920x1080 IPS Full HD Monitor with LED - $289.99
  • Dell UltraSharp U2713HM 27-inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor with LED - $629.99
  • LG 42-inch LED TV - 42LM5800 1080P 120HZ 3D HDTV with DLNA 4 Pair Glasses - $699.99
  • LG47' 120Hz 3D LED HDTV with 6Pair of Glasses
  • Omnimount OBLED80FM Full Motion Wall Mount for 23-inch to 60-inch Flat Panel TVs - Black - $49.99
  • Nintendo Wii Mini Red Console Bundle with Super Mario Galaxy - $99.99
  • Western Digital 3TB USB 3.0/2.0 My Book Essential External Hard Drive - Black - $129.99
  • Sony NEXF3 16.1 MP Interchangeable Lens Compact Camera Bundle with Tiltable LCD, 18-55mm Lens, 8GB SD Card and Photo Creativity Suite - $429.99
  • Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen Tablet (CTH470M) - Includes Adobe Photoshop Elements and Autodesk Sketchbook Express - $69.99
  • Panasonic Eneloop Charger Kit -1 x Charger, 4 x AA ,2 x AAA - $21.99
  • Dell Adventure Backpack - Laptop carrying backpack - 15.6-inch - black with blue accents - $29.99
Desktop PCs
  • Inspiron 660 Desktop w/Core i5-3330, Win 8, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD, Intel HD graphics, DVDRW - $479.99
  • Inspiron 660s Slim Desktop w/Core i3-2120, Win 8, 6GB RAM, 1TB HD, DVDRW - $399.99
  • XPS 8500 Desktop w/Core i5-3350P, Win 8, 16GB RAM, 1TB HD, Blu-ray Combo Drive, GeForce GT 620 1GB - $649.99
  • Alienware X51 Slim Gaming PC w/i7-3770, Win 8, 1TB HD, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 660 1.5GB, Blu-ray Combo Drive - $1049.99
  • Inspiron 15r SE Laptop w/Core i5-3210M, Win 8, 6GB RAM, 750GB HD, DVDRW, Radeon 7730 2GB, 1080p Display - $674.99
  • Inspiron 15r SE Laptop w/Core i7-3632QM, Win 8, 8GB RAM, 750GB HD, DVDRW, Radeon 7730 2GB, 1080p Display - $749.99
  • XPS 14 Ultrabook w/Core i7-3517U, Win 8, 8GB RAM, 500GB HD + 32GB mSATA, GeForce GT 630M 1GB - $1149.99
  • Inspiron 15 w/Core i3-3217U, Win 8, 6GB RAM, 500GB HD, DVDRW, Intel HD Graphics - $379.99
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    • The Ultrasharp U2312HM monitor is pretty good for $179.00! I'm strongly considering it. The U2713HM is also pretty good I think, at $629, but it's not what I'm looking for. :)
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    • Might pick up a the "Dell ST2420L 24" Full HD Monitor with LED"
      Any know if it's better than an ASUS brand or samsung in terms of reliability
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    • zelara wrote:
      Dec 24th, 2012 6:43 am
      The Ultrasharp U2312HM monitor is pretty good for $179.00! I'm strongly considering it. The U2713HM is also pretty good I think, at $629, but it's not what I'm looking for. :)
      Canadian HST tax kills the 27" deal... max I'd pay is $550-$600 (no tax). Some more 16:10 LED monitor choices would be nice too.
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    • Can you call into Dell to get Win 7 instead of Win 8?
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    • I just ordered the XPS 8500 but it checked out at 699$+tx for me :( When I put it in my basket again it shows up at 649$ now because of an extra 50$ off Windows 8 products. What's up with that? Is there any chance I'll get my 50$ (+tx) back? Online sales support opens at 9AM.

      EDIT : Just spoke with Online sales they said they will cancel my first order but this has yet to show up on (My Order still shows In Production) ... And I placed a second one at the total with taxes (QC) for that XPS system was 747$ indeed (649$ + 5% GST and 9.5% QST) instead of 804$. Not bad! Let's see if they do indeed cancel the first one or else I'll have an extra XPS for sale on Kijiji soon :confused:
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    • The price for the Inspiron 660 desktop is showing $479.99 for me on the dell site, as opposed to $399 posted above. Is anyone seeing the 399 price?
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    • 479.99 for me too
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    • $629 for U2713HM seems lowest so far. Any chance to stack a coupon code to bring it even lower?
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    • Any 15$ off 100$+ coupons? Would be awesome to combine it with the 23inch monitor.

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    • $120 for the 3TB WD Hard drive. Is that the cheapest?
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    • I need an eneloops starter kit, is this the right time to buy?

      I have a kid so c and d batteries would help too
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    • Thanks but don't see 319 desktop?? Only 399
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    • I tried to buy the 27 in monitor (not ultrasharp), but shipping isn't free. I was charged 25$ for shipping and I gave up on buying.
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    • Where is the I5-3330 $399 desktop??
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    • 660 shows 479 and 660s shows 399 for me

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    • Bought the wall mount, thanked
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    • Ya where is the 660 at $399.99?
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    • The 660/660s prices are typos. The flier advertised $479.99 and $399.99, respectively.
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    • Ordered the Dell Adventure Backpack. It is an excellent deal for the backback of $4.99 after applying a Dell's customer's appreciation coupon $15. Can't go wrong with that.
      $59.99- less $40.00 (Boxing week sale) minus $15.00= $4.99+HST and free shipping.
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    • Is the Alienware X51 worth the price? I am looking for a small form factor PC, this looks like it will fit the footprint. To be honest it won't be used much as a gaming rig, other than for Starcraft II.
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