Dell Dell Canada Black Friday 2017 Flyer: Inspiron 15 2-in-1 Laptop $1000, PS4 1TB Bundle $300, Logitech G910 RGB Keyboard $130 + More See Dell's Black Friday 2017 Flyer Now!

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It's the biggest Black Friday ever at Dell Canada and you can get a first look at their Black Friday 2017 flyer now on RedFlagDeals!

This eight-page flyer includes several limited-quantity doorbuster deals and the sale officially begins at 6:00 AM EST on November 24.

We've listed a few of the items below to help give you an idea of what's available -- note that flyer pricing will not reflect on product pages until the sale begins.

Doorbuster Deals (Limited quantities available at the listed prices)

Laptops and Desktops

Peripherals and Other Electronics

The Dell Black Friday Sale is effective from November 24 to 27 at 6:00 AM EST. offers free shipping on all orders with no minimum.

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    • Thanks OP.

      Would have been nice to see the XPS13 and XPS15 here....

      Edit: Oh wait, it is:
      XPS 15
      "i7 processor"
      Win 10 Home
      16GB memory
      512 GB SSD
      15.6" FHD (non-touch non-4k)
      GTX 1050 4 GB

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    • That Dell 34" monitor might be too good a deal to pass up!
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    • Man, that's a poor excuse for a sale... The $599 "DOORBUSTER" Inspiron 13 5000 is $499 at the Microsoft Store's already weak Black Friday "sale"...
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    • Not a great sale on laptops. As a point of reference, the Inspiron 15 7000 for $899 with the 8th gen i5 and 1080p touch screen was $850 about 3 weeks ago ($825 with coupon)
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    • The Inspiron AMD gaming desktop link doesn't work.
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    • too bad alienware aw3418dw isn't on sale... was sub $1k in US :(
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    • Anyone with an opinion on the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones?
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    • Will play station 4 drop even more than 299?
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    • Well... This is why we say Dell are playing the market by raising their prices to make it look like bigger savings. Currently the Inspiron 15 300 with the same specs is at 749$, yet the deals page has is priced at 788.99$ which makes it look like a bigger deal than it is, which is totally illegal by the way.

      No wonder Dell has lost many clients, with this type of false advertizing and the call center being in some foresaken country where they say they will do an action like cancel your order, but actually don't so your credit card gets surcharged for 3 to 4 weeks until you have to refuse the package when it's delivered and still haven't received the refund, Dell has fallen off my radar for me and my clients. I now order Asus or Lenovo laptops. No more Dell! ... 7_ft_h111e
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    • nobodylulukkkk wrote:
      Nov 16th, 2017 8:09 am
      Will play station 4 drop even more than 299?
      I hope. But this is a good back-up plan nevertheless.
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    • Was hoping for an Inspiron 7000 for gaming but these prices are bad.
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    • No deal on the XPS 15 flagship with 4K UHD, I'm a sad panda.
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    • Thoughts on the S2716DG? What's the cheapest price it's been?
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    • Is Dell let us to use coupon on black friday deals?
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    • Ghost-face wrote:
      Nov 16th, 2017 12:51 am
      That Dell 34" monitor might be too good a deal to pass up!
      I'm eyeing that monitor too... It's much cheaper in the US for Dell's BF event there ($600 USD)
      Debating whether it's worth the hassle of bringing it over from the states lol
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    • Decent price on the Dell 24 Gaming Monitor.
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    • fancypantsfloyd wrote:
      Nov 16th, 2017 8:00 am
      Anyone with an opinion on the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones?
      No opinion on the price, mine are a few years old but they have changed flying for me...for the better. Those headphones with a VR headset and you don't have any idea you're even on a plane.
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