Best Buy Best Buy Flyer Roundup: Philips 43" 4K IPS Monitor $700, Apple iPad Air 2 128GB $669, LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack $80 + More New Flyer! Philips 43" 4K IPS Monitor $700 + More!

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Best Buy's latest flyer is here and you can view every page right now on RedFlagDeals!

Hot weather means you need some hot tech to enjoy your summer, so take a voyage through this flyer to find plenty of deals on entertainment and the Best Buy Mobile Friends & Family Sale, where you can save on a number of smartphones and accessories from June 16 to 19.

Take a glimpse below to check out some of the offers available at Best Buy this week.

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This flyer is effective online and in Best Buy stores (where available) from June 16 to 22. offers free shipping with orders over $35.00 (with the exception of larger items and major appliances) and a free in-store pick-up option with no minimum order.


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    • thanks, might pick up another google c->c charger for on the go.
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    • How does one qualify as friends or family?
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    • Thanks OP. I’ll likely get the Pixel USB-c charger since it has power delivery and will work to charge the Nintendo Switch.
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    • HBTRLac wrote:
      Jun 14th, 2017 8:11 am
      How does one qualify as friends or family?
      Do you have, or have you ever had, any friends or family at any given time in your life? Even if the answer is no, you are still qualified for this deal.
      Just a marketing name lol
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    • zerallamvuut wrote:
      Jun 13th, 2017 5:06 pm
      June 16 - 18 (3-days only)
      in both the big box stores and the mall stores (pending inventory availability)\

      Google USB 2.0 Type C 18W wall charger with C-to-C cable ($21.99 save $23)
      Google USB 3.1 Type C to Type A cable ($16.99 save $18)
      Google USB 2.0 Type C to Type C cable ($16.99 save $18)

      Save 50% off on all Google-branded Pixel phone cases

      Samsung convertible (faux?) leather wireless charging pad/stand ($77.99 save $52) - this has the AFC wall adapter with Type C cable included
      Samsung AFC wall adapter with Micro-USB cable included ($24.99 save $25) - lowest its been since Black Friday @ $19.99
      Samsung dual-port AFC car charger ($29.99 save $30)

      Mophie 7000 mAh powerstation 4x with built-in USB (input) and micro-USB (output) - $23.99 special buy
      Platinum silk braided, aluminum tip 5ft lightning cable in matching colors - $14.99 save $15
      Belkin 4ft Kevlar-braided lightning cables in matching iphone colors - $24.99 save $15 (in-store only, not available online)

      mophie iPhone 6s juicepack cases up to 40% off ($59.99 save $40 in most cases)
      mophie iPhone 7 juicepack (now wireless) cases up 30% off ($69.99 save $30)
      mophie wireless charging pad ($26.99 save $18)
      mophie wireless charging vent mount - magnetic ($39.99, original retail was $69.99)
      mophie wireless charging desktop mount - magnetic ($49.99, original retail was $69.99)

      Retrak ring holder (those sticky things you stick onto the back of your phone so you can have a better grip) - $4.99 save $5
      Insignia kit with 2 lightning cables, 1 wall charger, and 1 car charger - $29.99 save $35

      There will be many other accessories on sale as well.

      disclaimer: I work for Best Buy.
      Will any of the samsung galaxy cases go on sale?
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    • freetrade wrote:
      Jun 14th, 2017 11:12 am
      Will any of the samsung galaxy cases go on sale?
      If not advertised no!
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    • freetrade wrote:
      Jun 14th, 2017 11:12 am
      Will any of the samsung galaxy cases go on sale?
      there will be some galaxy s7 and galaxy s7 edge cases on sale.
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    • Thanks OP. Going to get the Samsung charger with my RewardZone cert
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    • Thanks! 'Friends and Family' sale sounds silly but these are really good deals. I've been looking for a wireless charger and the leather Samsung wireless charger is a steal, the other wireless chargers from Samsung only have the pad itself.
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    • Any thoughts on the Aspire Laptop for $499. Are there likely to be laptop deals Canada Day weekend?
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    • fubsabob wrote:
      Jun 16th, 2017 5:38 pm
      Thoughts on this battery pack? Doesn't seem like a bad deal 7000mAh for $24. ... 68853.aspx?
      This sale is back tomorrow...again at $23.99 (on the mophie 7000 powerstation+ Micro)
      it's not a bad deal, decided to match $19.99 USD, but you have to pick it up and after currency exchange not worth it.
      this usually sells for $80+ (too overpriced)
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