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You're never too old to learn and never too young to have fun, so visit your local Apple Store to take part in their new Today at Apple sessions, which are all FREE!

Today at Apple is a global initiative launched this month at all Apple Stores worldwide. Anyone can participate in hands-on workshops with topics including photo and video editing, music creation and more! Sessions are up to 90 minutes long and focus on using Apple products to build new skills or hone existing talents.

Workshop times vary by store -- simply filter the available sessions by date or topic and reserve a spot for any session at the Apple Store of your choice. We've listed a few of the sessions to help give you an idea of what's available.

Apple Products

  • Basics: Apple ID and iCloud -- discover more about iCloud and how it keeps the latest versions of what’s important -- like photos, documents, apps, notes and contacts -- on all your devices.
  • Basics: iPhone -- learn the basics about iPhone, including how to stay up-to-date and great ways to use the built-in apps. Explore new features and learn a few helpful tips and tricks.
  • Basics: Mac -- see how to navigate, stay organized and keep your software up-to-date. Whether you’re totally new to Mac or need a refresher, you cal learn a few new tricks like how to get more done with Siri.

Art and Design

  • Sketch Walks: Capturing Movement -- learn techniques and how to express action through drawing with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Wear comfortable shoes and bring only what you need -- including a fully charged device.
  • Sketch Walks: Observational Drawings -- practice basic techniques with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, share tips on how to observe and draw what you see. Wear comfortable shoes and bring only what you need -- including fully charged devices.
  • Studio Hours: Art & Design Projects -- drop in for this 90-minute session dedicated to art and design. Bring your iPhone, iPad or Mac and learn from Apple creatives or use the space to work on your project.


  • How To: Grow Your Business -- discover innovative ways to use iPad and introduce you to apps businesses like yours are using to connect, sell and market to new customers.
  • How To: Manage a Productive Business -- see how businesses are leveraging great apps on Mac, iPad and iPhone devices to collaborate and communicate across teams, as well as streamline their IT and finance operations.
  • How To: Run a Connected Business -- explore how businesses are using powerful apps with iPhone to manage mobile devices, back office logistics and important HR functions. Uncover great tips to deploy across your team immediately.

Kids and Parents

  • Kids Hour: Creating Music with GarageBand -- create exciting tunes and beats using GarageBand on iPad. Kids will get hands-on with creating their own drum beats, then make their very own track. Kids can bring their pwn iPad or one may be provided.
  • Kids Hour: Making Movies Together -- practice basic camera techniques and shoot footage using iPad Pro, then create a professional movie trailer with iMovie. Kids can bring their own iPad or one may be provided.
  • Kids Hour: Sphero Maze Challenge -- explore coding with Sphero robots by programming simple movements, loops and more, then design a maze and navigate their robot through the obstacles. Kids can bring their own iPad and Sphero Sprk+ robot or one may be provided.


  • How To: Discover Apple Music -- explore new music, artists and genres with personal recommendations, curated playlists, Beats 1 and more. Search for what you love, connect directly with artists and share what you find.
  • How To: Make Music on iPad and iPhone -- learn how to get the music out of your head and into a track. Experiment with Live Loops and Drummer, then see how to arrange, mix and share it all.
  • Studio Hours: Music Projects -- capture your best ideas with the Music Memos app on iPhone, add beats to your track using Live Loops in GarageBand or get started with Apple Music Connect.

Photo and Video

  • How To: Edit Photos on iPhone -- explore key elements of photo editing using the Photos app for quick fixes or fine adjustments. Bring your iPhone and learn how to enhance your images with built-in filters and features.
  • How To: Shoot Photos with iPhone -- bring your iPhone and learn how to compose and capture a truly great shot. Share ideas and techniques for taking photos in any environment — indoors or out.
  • Photo Walks: Capturing Action and Video -- explore inspiring ways to capture exciting moments with iPhone or iPad. Learn techniques for setting up a shot and more. Wear comfortable shoes and bring only what you need -- including a fully charged device.

Signature Programs

  • Kids Hour -- designed to spark imagination and creativity, kids will explore fun, hands-on projects each week.
  • Photo Walks -- explore the world around you and level up your iPhone photography skills on an inspiring photo walk.
  • Studio Hours -- enjoy dedicated time and space to work on your project. Drop in any time for 90 minutes or stay for the whole session.


  • Teacher Tuesdays: Collaborating with Keynote -- discover how Keynote can help you and your students brainstorm ideas together, foster critical thinking and personalize learning. Recommended for educators of students ages 5-18.
  • Teacher Tuesdays: Encouraging Creativity with GarageBand -- learn how to record, edit and mix so you can get students engaged with what they’re learning. Recommended for educators of students ages 5-18.
  • Teacher Tuesdays: Storytelling with iMovie -- collaborate with other teachers with a hands-on project to learn the basics of adding media, editing and more. Recommended for educators of students ages 5-18.

Today at Apple sessions are available every day at all Apple Stores nationwide and make a great way to spend time this summer with your kids or friends -- click here to find the Apple Store nearest you.


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