Amazon Canada Le Pan TC 970 9.7" Multi-Touch LCD Android Tablet $199 + Free Ship Le Pan 9.7" Android Tablet $199

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The tablet market is getting packed these days, but quality Android tablets at the $200 mark are still pretty rare. One of the best deals that has come and gone is the Le Pan TC 970 9.7-Inch Multi-Touch LCD Google Android Tablet PC for $199.00 at It's available again now!

It runs an older version of Android (2.2 Froyo), but it has a lot going for it despite that. The Le Pan Tablet has a 1024x768 great screen (purportedly the same panel that the iPad sports), microSD expandability, and the horsepower (a 1GHz processor and 512MB RAM) to competently handle things like 720p video playback, browsing, and more. With 230 customer reviews on, it has an average rating of 3.9/5.

There are certainly more powerful tablets out there (in fact, there is a newer Le Pan 9.7" Tablet with Android Honeycomb and a 1.2GHz dual core processor for $279), but when we're looking at the $200 or less price point, this is still a solid tablet.


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