MEC Power Traveller Solargorilla 5V to 20V Solar Panel Charger - $149.00 ($116.00 Off) Power Traveller Solargorilla Solar Panel Charger

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High-efficiency glass panels let this solar charger pump out lots of power. It can directly charge laptops under 40 watts, phones, iPods and most other USB devices, but the SolarGorilla is primarily designed to be teamed up with the PowerGorilla (available separately). Together, they form a portable electric company, generating and storing power to run your laptop, video cameras, GPS, and lighting. The combo is equally excellent for pro expeditions or any gadget-intensive trip.
  • Output voltages: 5V and 20V.
  • Charging some laptops over 40 watts may require PowerGorilla.
  • MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook require an Apple MagSafe Airline Adaptor or an alternate. The MagSafe Airline adaptor cable power laptops, but will not charge them. Older MAC laptops (PowerBooks) may require a L77D tip.
  • Includes DC connection cable, 12V socket, and USB connection cable with tips for DC2.0 (mini Nokia), Micro USB, Mini USB, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, DC4.0 (Sony PSP), Nintendo DS-Lite.
  • Protective storage case.
  • Dimensions are 26.4 x 20 x 1.9cm.

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