Best Buy Best Buy: Get Corsair K65 Mini and K70 Tenkeyless RGB Mechanical Keyboards Now Get Corsair's New K65 Mini and K70 TKL Keyboards!

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Free up more desk space with a new keyboard from Best Buy, where you can get Corsair's all-new Corsair K65 Mini and Corsair K70 Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboards!

Originally released in March, the K65 Mini is Corsair's first keyboard to use the ultra-compact 60% form-factor, which omits the number pad and function keys found on conventional keyboards. Meanwhile, the K70 uses a more common tenkeyless (TKL) form-factor, which only omits the number pad. Both keyboards use Cherry MX Speed Silver mechanical switches with RGB backlighting and include a detachable USB-C cable for added convenience.

60% and TKL keyboards have grown in popularity with gamers and even typing enthusiasts in recent years, as the smaller form-factor means your hands can remain in a more neutral position and provides more mousing room for sick 360 no-scopes. Plus, some prefer the minimalist aesthetic of smaller keyboards, as you get more desk space and can easily tuck away your keyboard when not in use.

Corsair K65 Mini and K70 Tenkeyless Keyboards are available online and in Best Buy stores. Both models qualify for free shipping and free in-store/curbside pick-up from Best Buy.

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    • Before you buy the 60% keyboard, go watch the reviews on YouTube.
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