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Stay in touch with friends and family with the latest Alexa device from, where the third-generation Echo Show 10 is available now for $329.99 with free shipping!

Originally announced in September, the Echo Show 10 is the most advanced smart display in the Echo Show family, with a 10" display that dynamically rotates based on your movements so it's always facing you when placing a video call or watching a show. The Echo Show 10 also doubles as a home security camera while you're away and comes with Alexa built-in for voice control. A few other features include:

  • 10" HD screen with 13MP camera delivers impressive visuals for entertainment and enables you to video-chat, take selfies and more
  • Screen automatically turns to face you when you move around the room during video calls or while watching a TV show
  • Auto-framing and motion keeps you front and centre so you can stay in frame while on video calls with friends and family
  • Alexa can answer questions, make calls, get the weather, tell you the news or sports scores and much more so you can stay hands-free
  • Remotely monitor your home with the built-in camera via the Alexa app or other Echo Show devices
  • Electronically disconnect the microphones and camera with one press of a button
  • Built-in shutter slide to cover the camera and motion tracking can be disabled at any time

The Echo Show 10 is available now and qualifies for free shipping from


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