Future Shop McDonald's FrapTap: 50% Off Any Size McCafe Iced Frappe (Limited Time!) McDonald's FrapTap: 50% Off McCafe Iced Frappes

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If you've wanted to try the new McCafe Iced Frappes but haven't just yet, McDonald's has a limited time offer you'll want to take advantage of. Right now, you can get 50% off any size McCafe Iced Frappe by simply following the instructions on the promo page here. Instructions are as follows:

  • Invite a friend on Facebook or Twitter
  • Open the webpage McCafeFrapTap.ca on your mobile device
  • FrapTap your phones together
  • Redeem your coupons in-store for 50% off

That's really all there is to it to get 50% off your McCafe Iced Frappe purchase! More information can be found here, if you're interested.

The deal is only on for a short while so you'll want to find a friend and try them out before the promotion expires.

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    • WTF is this??!! Just let everyone have access to a coupon using normal means. Forget the inviting, liking, tapping or whatever...!!
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