Vistek Nikon Pc-e Micro-nikkor 85mm F/2.8 D Ed Lens (Used) - $1,499.99 ($130.00 Off) Nikon Pc-e Micro-nikkor 85mm F/2.8 D Ed Lens

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The PC-E NIKKOR lens series features a tilt/shift mechanism that alters the relation between the optical axis of the lens and the image plane, thereby enabling Perspective Control (PC). This function is ideal for architecture and product photography. Incorporating an electromagnetic diaphragm, these lenses provide auto aperture control when used with SLRs that feature an electronically controlled aperture (D3, D300 and D700) for improved operability. Additionally, Nikon’s exclusive Nano Crystal Coat with extra-low refractive index coating effectively reduces ghosting and flare to provide sharper, clearer images. This contributes to the superior optical performance of these lenses to realize outstanding image reproduction capability.Perspective Control with tilt/shift function. All PC-E NIKKOR lenses with Perspective Control capability incorporate a tilt/shift mechanism. The shift mechanism enables the lens to be moved parallel to the image plane, so that subjects such as a tall building can be captured without the upper part appearing thinner. The tilt mechanism changes the orthogonal relationship between the optical axis of the lens and the image plane, allowing photographers to control the focused area. In landscape photography, photographers can achieve a focus throughout the entire subject plane from near to distant. They can also focus on a specific part of the subject for emphasis. In actual shooting situations, the shift and tilt mechanisms are used together to adjust perspective, distortion of the subject and focus area. Exclusive Canadian Warranty. Nikon Canada offers an exclusive five-year warranty for all NIKKOR lenses purchased from a Nikon Canada authorized dealer. Consumer’s investment is protected by Nikon Canada’s warranties with in-Canada service.

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