Landmark Cinemas Landmark Cinemas: Get a FREE Coupon Pack Worth $30.00 When You Buy a Gift Card of $30.00 or More Get a FREE Coupon Pack with a $30+ Gift Card

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Save on movie tickets and concessions at Landmark Cinemas, because their Buy 30 Get 30 offer is back and when you buy a Landmark Cinemas Gift Card of $30.00 or more, you'll get a free coupon pack with $30.00 worth of savings!

Coupon packs are available with e-gift cards or physical gift cards and the pack includes five coupons:

  • Any day Movie Twosome with two tickets, two medium drinks, one large popcorn and one bagged candy (normally Wednesdays only)
  • Buy one general admission ticket, get one 50% off
  • Free bagged candy when you buy a combo
  • Free medium beverage when you buy a medium popcorn
  • Free medium popcorn when you buy a medium beverage

This offer is effective online and at Landmark Cinemas box offices until December 27. All coupons are only valid from January 11 to April 30, 2019 (gift card balances are not limited and do not expire).

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    • Coupons are as follows:
      BOGO (Buy one, get one 50% off)
      Movie twosome (2 tickets, popcorn, 2 drinks, and candy)
      Free medium beverage (when you buy a medium popcorn)
      Free medium popcorn (when you buy a medium drink)
      Free bagged candy (when you buy a combo)

      I'm not exactly sure how the movie twosome works, it says the value is $9.09 but not sure if there is a price to it.

      While I do enjoy the comfort of Landmark Cinemas (VIP style without VIP prices, etc), I like the $50 deal with Cineplex coupons better (free popcorn is not tied to a purchase, they give you a free admission instead of BOGO @ 50% off, free upgrade, 4 free tickets to a family movie, $6.99 movie ticket. Even Cineplex's prior coupons were BOGO 100% off instead of 50% off).

      The Landmark deal could be hot though if there are no strings attached to the Movie Twosome coupon and it's a free admission and free combo.
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