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We've covered this particular freebie in the past, but it's too good not to share again every now and then. If you play a musical instrument, make sure you check out, also known as the Petrucci Music Library for free music scores and sheet music. It's a huge virtual library of public domain music.

There are scores and sheet music for classical music, opera, non operatic-vocals, and more! In total, there now are over 230,000 scores that are completely free. The site also has music books and recordings of music available.

Whether you're a student, teacher, or just a music lover, this is a great resource. Make sure you check it out!


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    • sounds like a great site! I should bookmark this. Thx!
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    • This is the awesomest site for a classical musician. I don't know how much money I've saved by not buying ultra-expensive music books. I hear it, I like it, I download it. Before I was so limited in what I could actually play just because I only had a few limited set of books. Since most classical music is in the public domain, it is a huge repository and it is growing daily. There are also apps that allow you to easily search and display music on a tablet.
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