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If you've always wanted to see what taking courses at renowned schools like MIT or Harvard is like, you can get taste by checking out free online course materials from each. These are non-credit courses, but it's worth a look for self learning.

MIT OpenCourseWare is a web based publication of pretty much all MIT course content. That includes lecture notes, exams, and videos.

Harvard serves up 8 online courses. Course selection includes Shakespeare, computer science, algebra, and more.

For an even more elaborate experience, visit edX -- a new collaborative online education effort from Harvard and MIT. Here, you actually enroll for the courses. There are 7 courses offered (2 from Berkeley) and the courses start in September and October. According to the site FAQ, certificates of completion can be earned. If you want a challenge, here are the courses that are available this fall:

  • 3.091x Introduction to Solid State Chemistry (MITx)
  • 6.002x Circuits and Electronics (MITx)
  • 6.00x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (HarvardX)
  • CS50x Introduction to Computer Science I (HarvardX)
  • PH207x Health in Numbers: Quantitiative Methods in Clinical & Public Health Research (HarvardX)
  • CS169.1x Software as a Service (BerkeleyX)
  • CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence (BerkeleyX)


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    • Hmm.. I want to do the AI course, but do you think it is doable on top of my 5 course semester?
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    • Aww, I looked at the AI course, but there is no certification.
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    • I registered for CS50x Introduction to Computer Science I. There is certification for that one, and no prerequisites. I wish there was a better selection of courses (my background is in the social sciences) but I am really taking it out of interest. And it's free, so who can complain! We will see how far I can get with no relevant experience, while taking another full course load this year! Obvi the courses I am actually paying for will take priority, but this should be interesting. Hopefully more reputable schools will follow suite with these kind of programs in the future... I love the idea of FREE and ACCESSIBLE education, even if it is only a few courses. Hopefully I'll learn something, but if not... no harm done, no money wasted. Best of luck to anyone else who registered for the fall.
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    • Guys,

      If I want to eventually study iPhone app development, what would be a related course from here? Thanks.
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    • Computer Science course from MIT or Harvard?
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    • Just signed up for CS50x from HarvardX, was really quick and easy. I've got no previous programming experience, hopefully this won't be over my head.
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    • Sweet! Just downloaded a S#!+ ton of Geo lectures from MIT :)
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