Well.ca Well.ca: Gillette Fusion Power Razor $10, Tide $5.49, $50 PSN Card for $45, $10 off $40 for New Customers Tide $5.49, $50 PSN Card for $45

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There's a nice mix of cleaning supplies, Pantene, toys, office supplies and more on sale this week at Well.ca! And, if you're a new Well.ca customer you can get $10 off any order $40+ with coupon code RFD2012. If you're an existing customer, use coupon code RFDCHOCO and you'll get a free bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs with any $40+ order. They also offer free shipping on all orders! Here's a quick look at what's on sale: Well.ca offers free shipping on all orders, across Canada, with the exception of the remote areas of Canada requiring airlifted mail.


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    • Free chocolates? Will add to my next order. Thanks for the code.
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    • wilsonlam97 wrote:
      Apr 7th, 2012 12:55 am
      I think all this online ordering has spoiled me. I rather just go to Costco and hopefully get some fresh air on the way there.
      The prices on Well.ca aren't that great. I was hoping to stock up on sharpie pens and they're way overpriced.

      Some people are just willing to pay for convenience ....

      How long does it take to online order? 10-15 minutes

      How long does it take to shop in store? 10 minutes to the store, 10-15 minutes to look for you things + 10-15 minutes to check out + 10 minutes to go home. Minimum 40 minutes just go shop + the price of gas.

      If you made 30 dollars an hour ... you would've lost 20 dollars already + gas

      If you shopped on-line, you would've lost only $7.50
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    • I have not been keeping up with the price of Tide lately...

      Is $5.49 for Tide a good deal????
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    • pumpi134 wrote:
      Apr 7th, 2012 10:09 am
      I have not been keeping up with the price of Tide lately...

      Is $5.49 for Tide a good deal????

      Pretty sure not a good deal at all.

      24 or 25 loads for regular 10$ but on sale for 5.50 still seems high
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    • I bought the fusion razor. I am using Mach 3 at time. Let me try these ..
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    • It would only be a good deal if your in the remote part of Ontario. But there's probably a Walmart somewhere.
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