Shoppers Drug Mart Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus Redemption: Spend 50,000 Points, Get $100 Off (April 7-8) Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Redemption Event

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Forum user Cheap Cat gave us a heads up that Shoppers Drug Mart has a new bonus redemption event coming up this weekend, so now is the time to redeem those points you've been saving up. Here's the redemption levels in effect for the weekend:

  • When you spend 50,000 points, you'll get up to $100 off your purchase (extra $15 in savings)
  • When you spend 95,000 points, you'll get up to $200 off your purchase (extra $30 in savings)

This redemption event is running from April 7-8. Remember that taxes are calculated based on your full purchase price prior to the discount reward being applied.

As always, this offer excludes prescription purchases, tobacco products, stamps, passport photos, lottery tickets, event tickets, transit tickets/passes, gift cards, phone cards and prepaid card products.


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    • I will have to pass this on to my mom, she goes nuts over shoppers points, haha
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    • Just bumped to remind people that the bonus redemption is today and tomorrow. I didn't see much of interest in the flyer. They usually have better deals on long weekends. Did anyone find anything of interest in the electronics section? My store has Kindles (the basic wifi one) and I was thinking of getting one although I already have an e-reader.
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    • Got 3Ds for $149, there's a $20 mail in rebate on top.

      Not the best deal for a 3ds but good enough since I'm using points only :cheesygri
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