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Give your family the gift of ancestral knowledge at 23andMe where you canget a Health + Ancestry Service Kit for $104 or an Ancestry + Traits Service Kit for $124 for a limited time.

23andMe's Health and Ancestry Service can provide you with a wealth of information that can arm you with what you need to prepare for the future, change your lifestyle, and even connect with long lost family members. Here are the tests that your report provides:

  • Health Predispositions:
    • Learn the role that your genes play in your chances of developing certain health conditions, like Celiac's disease, Parkinsons, Alzheimer's, and more
  • Ancestry:
    • Discover where your ancestors came from, when they were there, and where your current relatives are now
  • Wellness:
    • Understand why you have the habits and make the lifestyle choices you do based on factors like weight, amount of sleep taken, and types of foods eaten
  • Carrier Status:
    • Prepare yourself for the future with the knowledge of what health conditions you may have inherited or can pass on to your offspring
  • Traits:
    • Check out the traits that you may be predisposed to, including taste preference, facial features, hair abundance, and more

Sale is live through November 26. See site for details.


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