Royal Bank RBC Royal Bank: Get a FREE Apple iPad (2018) with a New RBC All-Inclusive Bank Account Get a FREE Apple iPad with a New Account!

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September 10 update: this offer has been extended and you now have until October 1 to get a free Apple iPad with a new all-inclusive account!

Get your hands on the new 2018 Apple iPad at RBC Royal Bank, because they'll give you one for free when you open a new RBC All-Inclusive Bank Account!

There are two all-inclusive accounts eligible for this offer -- the RBC Signature No Limit Banking Account or the RBC VIP Banking Account. Both accounts offer unlimited debit transactions and other perks with a monthly fee of $14.95 or $30.00, respectively.

You can enroll online or in an RBC branch and there are some additional steps before you can receive your free iPad.

  1. Open an eligible RBC All-Inclusive Bank Account before August 31
  2. Set up two pre-authorized payments or one automated and recurring payroll or pension direct deposit before November 30

The free Apple iPad is the newest 2018 9.7" model with 32GB of storage in your choice of Gold, Silver or Space Grey. The iPad has a retail value of $429.00 and you'll be notified via online banking with instructions on how to claim your bonus after completing all necessary qualifications.

This offer is available to new RBC customers only until October 1 -- click here to read the complete terms and conditions for this offer.


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    • SNL account info : ... nking.html

      VIP :

      Unlike TD and the like, there are no ways for you to waive the monthly fees by leaving a minimum deposit. My suggestion would be to go for the SNL, order the checkbook (free) and convert into a basic account once the required term as been completed.

      Rule : Eligible Personal Banking Account must remain open and in good standing, and the Qualifying Criteria the client performed to get the Reward (such as payroll/pension deposit or pre-authorized payment) must remain in effect until September 27 2019.
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    • So it is the 2018 model. Nice.
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    • Upvoted, since this one actually has infos !
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    • So only a Personal Bank Account works? Or Signature No limit or VIP??

      I can't just sign up for the day to day banking option as I would be a new RBC client anyways.. just want to avoid those high monthly fees as much as possible
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    • @MTLGuru
      On the image you posted, it also mentions the RBC Infinite Avion with 30K points and FYF. How does one get that offer?
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    • i really wanted a ipad too

      any mathematicians on RFD that can calculate the costs of the ipad overtime for a SNL account
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    • Too many acronyms so we should explain it

      Best and easiest way to do this is sign up for signature no limit cheque account (SNL) at $14.95, switch over 2 Pre authorized payment bills (PAP), and enroll for online banking (OLB)

      Timing to minimize cost is to sign up in late August and pay up to 15 months of SNL fee at $14.95 each month for total fee of $225 (no tax) for the new ipad 32gb vs retail $429+tax in your province

      So Ontario resident would save approx $260

      I don’t know if this is better than the $300 cash offering from other banks for signing up (especially if you can waive monthly fees)

      This might be better if you are a senior and can get the SNL fee down to $11 a month, then you come out slightly ahead of the $300 cash offerings from other banks

      Edit: if you can get the infinite Avion with the 30k points and first year free (FYF) then this is worth it.
      30k can be worth up to $700 for 2 short flights or you can redeem for merchandise or swap the points to another program

      Edit2: seems like you can combine this offer with the free infinite Avion, so yes this is worth it now.

      The above edits were May 26

      Edit3 as of Aug 25: I got the SNL and infinite Avion with 30k bonus and FYF, just showed the advisor the poster in the first post by OP and he was able to find it and confirm the details. I don’t know if he did anything special but just processed both SNL and I was pre approved for all versions of the credir cards but he picked infinite Avion per the poster.

      Monthly fee is also prorated so I’ll pay for remaining days of Aug and then stay 13months and cancel on Sept 30 2019

      iPad ordering link comes 2 business days after you complete either the 1Payroll Deposit or 2PAP

      Edit4: As of Sept 2 just after midnight I received an email from RBC “ibanking” that I can order my iPad. I had my Payroll Deposit on Aug 31 so I guess it’s just 2 general days and not business days. I also had 2 PAP setup for next few weeks but I’m going to revert both back to my primary bank since my small Payroll amount did the trick.
      I did $15 payroll deposit each month to cover the fees until Sept 2019 :) cause they didn’t say how much of my payroll I need to deposit.

      Will update again when my iPad arrives.

      Here’s the email message for the iPad selection.
      Congratulations! You have qualified for the RBC Royal Bank Personal Banking Promotion and can now select the offer of your complimentary Apple iPad 32GB.

      In order to make your selection, please sign in to RBC Online Banking^ and look for a message in your Message Centre with the subject "Congratulations! Your RBC Royal Bank Personal Banking Offer is ready."

      To find your Message Centre, please click on the Messages tab near the top of the Account Summary Page. Your message will be waiting with instructions on how to redeem for your offer.
      Edit 5:Just got my iPad today Sept 18 after being able to place the online order on Sept 2, so 16 days in total from China to my place...seems some got theirs faster than my timelines but my tracking seemed to show a lot of customs clearance (3x, in China, in USA, in Toronto)

      It seems upon power up it was already pre configured that you just need to enter your WiFi settings to activate and start using, was already updated to iOS 11.4.1 so I’ll just keep it there for now and play with iOS 12 later

      There is an English and French folder with links and a shortcut to the RBC mobile app in the tray.

      Just to make sure nothing else was installed I did a erase all settings to start fresh and go through the usual setup of passcodes, Siri, Apple ID etc...I suggest everyone else do the same because we don’t know what else was preinstalled since the initial setup from RBC missed a lot of the normal setup as new iPad process

      Also my first Avion statement closed yesterday and posted today and I had received the 30k bonus as well so overall this was a good deal (woulda been slightly better if I waited a few more days and found out the Oct deadline instead and saved more monthly fees
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    • What's with all the acronyms.. Not you OP, I recognize you got them from the ad.

      That's really annoying to read/decipher.

      OLB = Online Banking, I assume for example.
      PBA = Personal Bank Account

      Probably because it's an internal memo.
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    • Is there monthly fee to have account open? Voided?
      Do I need to sign up credit card?

      What about scotia bank offer? $300 for just opening checking account.
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    • When do you get the iPad? Right away or after you finish the term?
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    • I kinda feel bad for the other thread's OP, but I guess that's the difference a good thread makes over a bad one. Same deal, but way better presented...

      now I kinda want an iPad, what would be the monthly costs on that? Is it worthy to open just for it? I don't really need a new bank
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    • Nice it’s the newest model but I agree Scotiabank/TD offers are better because you can avoid paying monthly fees my maintaining a certain balance.
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    • Erumuh wrote:
      May 26th, 2018 10:20 am
      On the image you posted, it also mentions the RBC Infinite Avion with 30K points and FYF. How does one get that offer?
      I believe there was another thread already opened for that offer but In case you missed it.

      When you open a new account, you will be automatically be eligible for the 30 000 PTS and first year waiver (you might be pre approved for the credit card , otherwise you will have to make a full application). Must not have a previous chequing nor a previous RBC credit card.
      This can be combined with the IPAD promo.
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    • Phlav wrote:
      May 26th, 2018 10:35 am
      When do you get the iPad? Right away or after you finish the term?
      From the terms and conditions :

      To make it easy, we’ve brought back the client-friendly fulfillment process. Clients will receive an email message through their Online Banking once they’ve met the required criteria to order their iPad. They will also receive another email when the product has shipped.

      We’ve also kept the criteria similar to Spring Momentum. Client just need to add a recurring payroll deposit or 2 PAPs to the account before the period end date of November 30, and they will be eligible for the iPad.

      Special note for our new to RBC mortgage clients: by opening a new SNL or VIP, attach your recurring RBC Mortgage payment and you’ll also be eligible for the iPad, as long as two mortgage payments are completed prior to November 30th.
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    • Better than a series 1 Apple Watch I got last year. Lol few more months before I can close the account.
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    • Is there a hard credit pull when opening the SNL?
      If I apply for the Avion, is there a separate credit pull?
      I am also in the market for a mortgage, I wonder if they would offer a good deal on the mortgage if I went for this promo? Also would there be a 3rd credit pull for the mortgage qualification?
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    • After I receive the iPad, can I downgrade my chequing account to the no fee one but keep the 2 PAPs?
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