Questrade $4.95 Stock Trades, $50 Rebate when You Open An Account with $1000+ $4.95 Stock Trades & More

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If you're searching for an affordable service to trade stocks online, you should take a look at Questrade is a Toronto based direct-access broker that offers a per trade price from $4.95 to a maximum of $9.95. They also have no activity minimums, no inactivity fees, and 24-hour account management.

Use offer code redflagdeals when signing up a new account with a minimum of $1000 and you will also receive a $50 rebate. Additionally, if you move an account with a minimum of $25,000 from another Canadian brokerage, Questrade will pay your transfer fees up to a maximum of $150.

If you're looking to do more research, there's a long-running thread in our personal finance forums that discusses Questrade with over 2000 replies.


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    • Heads up/caveat emptor re: "24 hour account management". I have used Questrade for 3 years now. Generally their service is fine. However, they take large parts of the site down between "10 pm and 2 am EST". Which for me out west is 8 pm to midnight - right around the time I want to sit down and maybe look at my finances.

      Its not everything that is down, but getting account activities and statements often is.

      It can be frustrating to want to check something and be told "oops! we are down for scheduled maintenance ...". Seriously, 4 hours maintenance each and every day?

      Overall though, I am fairly pleased with the service. Not a fan of their "new" IQ interface for trading, especially if (like me) you are trading only occasionally.

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    • Even after multiple reminders I still haven't received my tax form from them yet

      Call support is not very good. I'm waiting now 20+ minutes on their support line.

      Please read comments on their forum before you decide to partner with them.
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    • Questrade cheap but very unprofessional.

      They upgraded to a new trading platform and its highly unstable. It was down one morning during early morning trade and there was a whole uproar on twitter .. i mean how can a broker go down?? Seriously... Time is essential if your a day trader and not being able to sell / by means large financial losses.

      You get what you pay for when you use Questrade.
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    • `Any recent comments about Questrade. Improved or not?
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    • Looks like they have has issues recently

      "They have taken over 2 weeks to open a new account, crazy times fair enough. Yesterday everything was approved but my account was still not able to trade.
      Today I get an email asking me to confirm my information AGAIN and asking for the address of my employer. Are you Fing serious? These guys delay my account even more just to collect more data from me that is completely unnecessary. I have $1000 just sitting there doing nothing because you want more marketing data to sell. That's a great way to lose a customer."
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