Ford Ford: Get Up to $4500 In Cash Incentives on Select 2015 Ford Vehicles Ford: Get Up to $4500 In Cash Incentives on Select 2015 Ford Vehicles

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For those of you interested in a new 2015 Ford vehicle, you'll want to check out the new information available on to ensure that you get the best price possible for the vehicle you want.

For those who have never used before, it is a website that essentially compiles sales data from across the country to determine what people are actually paying for their vehicles. This is a great, free resource where you can check a vehicle's wholesale price, average price, as well as available cash and finance incentives. For those who are looking to use dealers to purchase a car, they'll have to sign up for Unhaggle Premium. With this service, an Unhaggle dealer will find the lowest price in your region for you without you having to visit dealerships personally and attempting to haggle for a better price. Plus, the quote provided from are what you'll pay at the dealership. Unhaggle Premium will cost $99 plus you'll have to pay a deposit to hold the vehicle that you want.

Here are some of the offers currently available on select 2015 Ford vehicles:

These offers are available through December 1. For more information on the 2015 line-up, check out the Ford website here.


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