Canadian Tire Motomaster Winter Edge Tire - $89.99 ($30.00 Off) Motomaster Winter Edge Tire

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  • The MotoMaster Winter Edge Tire provides great ice and wet grip while remaining flexible in extreme cold conditions.
  • Integrated Snowgroove technology improves grip on the snow due to better tread grip on snowy surfaces.
  • Densely populated corrugated sipes create thousands of biting edges for grip in wet, snow and icey conditions.
  • This tire will help you stop, start and drive with confidence, the directional tread pattern and lateral grooves channel water out of the tread; keeps all its rubber on the road, and you don’t have to worry about hydroplaning.
  • The tread compound is formulated with advanced silica and polymers to keep the tread flexible and able to maintain grip even in the extreme cold temperatures of Canada.
  • The large number of sipes, or micro-grooves, act as biting edges that dig into the ice and snow no matter if you’re braking for a stop sign or turning around a tight curb.
  • The combination of tread compound and sipes provide consistent grip and control that Canadians need and expect from their winter tires.

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