New Balance New Balance: Get the New Kawhi Leonard 4 Bounces Signature Shoe Now Get the Kawhi 4 Bounces Signature Shoe Now!

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"Kawhi up top, looks at the clock, turns the corner, for the win...GOT IT!"

Never forget the most iconic bucket in Toronto Raptors history at New Balance, because Kawhi Leonard's new 4 Bounces Signature Shoe is available now for $209.99!

Originally released on August 20, this signature shoe was designed by New Balance with Kawhi Leonard as part of the new 4 Bounces Collection -- named after his buzzer-beating basket against the Philadelphia 76ers during the 2019 NBA Playoffs that bounced four times before going through the hoop.

The black, blue and white shoe features hints of gold and nods to Leonard's personal style and basketball resume, including stitching to resemble his braids, a list of career accomplishments along the tongue and lace eyelets inspired by the Fun Guy's personal car of choice -- the 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe.

The Kawhi Leonard 4 Bounces Signature Shoe is available online and select New Balance stores for a limited time. offers free shipping on all orders and free returns.


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