What A Bagel What A Bagel: Buy Six Bagels, Get Six Free On Your Birthday Six Bagels, Get Six Free On Your Birthday

this offer is expired
Stop by a What A Bagel location on your birthday and get six free bagels with the purchase of six bagels! Photo ID required.


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    • I can confirm someone yesterday tried this and instead of giving the free bagels they told him he can only have buy 6 get 6 free. Please remove this offer.
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    • it is BUY 6, get 6 free... you have to buy 6 :/
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    • Every time I go there the staff are rude and unpleasant. Today I walk up to the counter with bags of bagels and the clerk says to me "What?". And she gives me this look like my being a customer there is an inconvenience for her. After ringing in the sale she asks "You want the receipt?" and I politely replied "Yes please" and she rolls her eyes like it is a hassle to give me the receipt. I hold my hand out to take the receipt, and she throws it on the counter while walking away.
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