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this offer is expired
Save $50 on purchases of $200+ at with bonus code 941612873. Can't be combined with any other bonus offer numbers or coupon codes, prices ending in $0.97, gift cards, electronics, major appliances, vacuums, delivery, maintenance or installation charges.


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    • Thanks op! Just saved another $25 on a Weber BBQ
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    • Thank You :)

      Probably going to use this for a lawnmower this weekend, any way to use this in store? :P
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    • Thanks! Saved $50.00 on some outdoor furniture!
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    • Is anyone else able to stack Sears codes online? Thanks!
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    • Awesome, saved on the Diono seat that was on sale already for $42 off. Solid! Thanked!
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    • passthatversace wrote:
      May 24th, 2013 6:58 pm
      Is anyone else able to stack Sears codes online? Thanks!
      I'm trying, but am having no luck stacking codes
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    • ^ thanks for confirming! i thought it was only me ;)
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    • Thanks just used it on a $289 Mower so its now $239!.. About time to replace my 1977 Toro!
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    • whats the exclusions? electronics + alot of other stuff i bet

      941612872 20 off 100
      941612873 50 off 200

      for copy and paste
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  • tmx
    • Do you need to pay with a sears card? I've had problems with codes in the past (ie. they reverted)
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    • tmx wrote:
      May 26th, 2013 9:15 pm
      Do you need to pay with a sears card? I've had problems with codes in the past (ie. they reverted)
      Not for the lawn mower I just bought. I used My Visa Infinite to get the extra warranty.

      However if you apply for a Sears Mastercard you get a $30 credit from Sears, so I guess that's comes off your first bill. You could just use it to buy a $30 item, then toss the card.
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    • How good is the deal on this lawnmawer? Hot? Warm?
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    • I hate the sears website... seriously get with the times!

      First off, you don't get an immediate acknowledgement. I ordered a BBQ yesterday and still have not gotten any email confirmation. I had 13 GC's to use from the Aeroplan promotion last month, and the website only allows for 10... so I called Customer Service and they tell me to put a note in the special instructions field about the addition 3 GC's and I can redeem them when I pick it up in store. The immediate confirmation on the website itself showed that one of the cards was invalid but when I called to see what the issue was the guy told me that it was in fact redeemed. I couldn't even print the page with the GC's listed, as by them I got off the phone and came back to my screen my session had timed out and it forced me to log in again... Your order history does not show anywhere within your profile, you have to know an exact order number to check the status of it, and without the email confirmation I don't know that!! :mad:

      Secondly, when you DO use a gift card it's not even immediately redeemed! The full purchase amount is charged to your card, and then 3-5 business days later you will see a refund for the amount of the gift cards.

      I'm really hoping that I don't get any grief when I pick this thing up trying to redeem and get reimbursed for the last 3 GC's as I'm looking forward to not have to deal with Sears anymore!
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