The Free Bundle #5: Five Free Downloadable Games for PC & Mac (Super Smash Land, Alter Ego and More) The Free Bundle #5: Five Free Downloadable Games

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It's hard to turn down free games and those at The Free Bundle are back again with their fifth free bundle. Right now, you can download the following PC and Mac compatible games at absolutely no cost.

  • Super Smash Land
  • Burn & Turn
  • The Witch's House
  • Alter Ego
  • The Battle of Wesnoth

If you haven't heard of any of them, don't sweat it -- they're free! If you do choose to donate, those who gift more than $6 will get access to Slaves of Rema as an added bonus. Pay nothing, pay a little, or pay a lot, it's a good time to kick back with some indie games this long weekend.

The bundle is live now but only until April 15.


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    • Witch's House! One of my favourite indie horror rpgs, after Ib :D haven't played any of the other games but if they're all on the same calibre of Witch's House, I'd totally recommend downloading them ^~^
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    • Thanks for the free games :)
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