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New Flyers for March 15: Walmart, London Drugs, Sears, Loblaws, Best Buy, Canadian Tire & More!


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    • Stv
    • Why is this in HOT DEALS!?!
    • Mr.Sea
    • This is stupid. You post in the hot deals, you sticky the thread. There is not a single hot deal highlighted in any of the flyers.

      Please rethink this strategy as if any regular member was to post this, it would be moved immediately.
    • slaman
    • I, for one, appreciate a single posting with all flyer links.

      Thank you.
    • premisabu
    • I think you just missed the right category for this post.
    • MrPerfect
    • It is their business and they are welcome to run it as they see fit to maximize their business strategy and outreach. If they think putting a link to the flyers in hot deals will boost their page views or promote their flyer section then they are free to do that.

      Please refrain from showing any hostility to other users; rude and condescending posts is not within the spirit of the RFD community.

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