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IKEA: Wacky Wednesday for June 12

Wacky Wednesday
This deal has expired! This deal has expired!

Here are this week's deals for Wacky Wednesday at IKEA. Remember, the prices are low but the deals are good on Wednesday only -- and quantities may be limited!

  • At IKEA North York, the Praktfull Pro B50 S Exhaust Hood is $699 (down from $1199) and the Polerad Pot with Lid is $17.99 (down from $39.99)
  • At IKEA Burlington, the Kurod Shade in Assorted Colours is $8 (down from $16) and the Beddinge Sofa Bed Slipcover is $29 (down from $149)
  • At IKEA Calgary, the Mogden Towel Rail is $7.99 (down from $29.99) and the Gemenskap Wall Sconce Tin is 99 cents (down from $14.99)
  • At IKEA Coquitlam, the Stockholm TV Bench is $189 (down from $399)
  • At IKEA Montreal, the Hovas Slipcover for footstools and chairs is $9 (down from $69-$99)
  • At IKEA Winnipeg, the Somnat Crib is $49 (down from $99)
  • At IKEA Ottawa, the Enholmen Chaise is $89 (down from $139)
  • At IKEA Etobicoke, the Notudden Shower Curtain is 99 cents (down from $$7.99)
  • At IKEA Boucherville, there are several Wacky Wednesday deals, including the Hajdeby Chairs for $100 (down from $169) and the Hemnes Bookcase for $75 (down from $150)
  • At IKEA Vaughan, the Prydlig Shopping Bag with Wheels is $6.99 (down from $14.99)

There are currently no Wacky Wednesday deal posted for IKEA Richmond, IKEA Winnipeg or IKEA Edmonton.


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    • dapper_remy
    • Thank you for taking the time to make that list for us!

      Some good finds!
    • _pOtEnZa_
    • HEMNES

      Is that a very good deal ?
      Looking for some bookcases for dvds....
    • brother_bruce
    • HEMNES

      Is that a very good deal ?
      Looking for some bookcases for dvds....
      If you're looking for a bookcase that holds books, then yes it's a good deal (it's sturdier than much of what you could find for this price range).

      If you're looking to store DVDs...I dont know about that.

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