Tom's No Frills This Week's Grocery Deals at No Frills: 18 Cans Coca-Cola $4.97, McCain Thin-Crust $4.88 for Two 18 Cans Coca-Cola $4.97

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Again this week, No Frills is running some good deals in a variety of grocery categories. This sale starts today (May 4) and runs through Thursday, May 10. Here's a quick look at what's one sale:

  • Coca-Cola Soft Drinks (18x355 mL) - $4.77
  • Era Liquid Laundry Detergent (32 washloads) - $1.97
  • McCain Ultra Thin Crust Pizza (2-Pack) - $4.88
  • Extra Lean Ground Beef - $2.97/lb
  • Fresh Whole Chickens (minimum 1.1 kg) - $4.97 each
  • Extra Lean Ground Chicken - $2.99/lb
  • No Name Chicken Strips or Nuggets (907 g) - $3.97
  • Rooster Brand Tofu (420 g) - 98¢
  • Cooked Shrimp (900 g) - $9.99
  • Greenhouse Beefsteak Tomatoes - 57¢/lb
  • English Cucumbers - 57¢
  • Ataulfo or Red Mangoes - 2/99¢
  • Romaine Hearts (2-pack) - $1.27
  • Farmer's Market Sweet Bell Peppers (4-pack) - $2.99
  • Country Harvest Bread (675 g) - $1.99
  • No Name Cheese Bars (500 g) - $4.99
  • Powerade ION Sports Drinks (6x591 mL) - $3.97
  • Mastro Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 L) - $3.97
  • High Liner Battered Filets (680 g) - $5.99
  • Nissin Noodles (30x100 g) - $12.88
  • V8 Vegetable Cocktail (24x340 mL) - $9.99
  • Classico Pasta Sauce - $1.97
  • Nestle Ice Cream, Breyer's Blends or Nestle Novelties - $3.99

To view the full flyer, select your local store on the No Frills website. These prices were taken from the Ontario flyer and may vary by location. No Frills has locations in Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland/Labrador.


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    • Thanks. Will get some later today .
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    • Warm. As a bare minimum, I only buy soft drinks when it falls at or below the $0.50/L ratio. This deal is approximately $0.75/L.
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    • Warm. As a bare minimum, I only buy soft drinks when it falls at or below the $0.50/L ratio. This deal is approximately $0.75/L.
      This is very close to the best you can get for can pop. I saw the 0.5/L price on 2L bottle (1.00 or even .77 cent) but never seen that on can pop
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    • A little better deal in Edmonton (AB?) right now at No Frills. $2.97 for 12 355ml cans. Also worthy of mention is $1.99 for 12 PC cans ATM
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    • 24/5.97=24.8cents/can

      So I think this is like 9% more expensive than the cheapest that canned pop gets. I'm in. No Frills hasn't done 24 for less than 5 bucks in at least a year or two. I think it will always be 5.97 for 24 from now on.
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    • Lots of good deals made this worth the trip, Nestle, Highliner etc. Chickens are a little small though.

      Thanks OP.
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    • It wasn't on 'name brand' can pop, but Superstore had PC 12 packs of cans on for $1.99 about 1 month ago (it was posted here on RFD but I can't find that thread). That was $0.47 per liter. Not trying to get into a discussion on the Coke vs Pepsi vs PC.
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