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Free Sample of Lipton Green Tea Superfruit via Facebook

Free Lipton Tea Sample
This deal has expired! This deal has expired!
Whether you're looking for a healthier beverage option or just want to warm up this winter, treat yourself to a free sample of Lipton's Green Tea Superfruit.

Just register your name, email, and mailing address on Lipton's Facebook page and select the flavour of tea you would like to try. You can expect your sample to arrive within 4-6 weeks. Flavour options include:
  • Lipton Green Tea Superfruit Acai Blueberry
  • Lipton Green Tea Superfruit Blackcurrant Vanilla
  • Lipton Green Tea Superfruit Cranberry Pomegranate
  • Lipton Green Tea Superfruit Passion Fruit Orange Jasmine
  • Lipton Green Tea Superfruit Red Goji With Raspberry
Free samples are limited to one per person, while supplies last.
Source: lippsincc via the Freebies Forum
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    • BooR4dL3y
    • Thanks, OP.

      There's one major problem with this promo... they only send you a sample of one of the five flavours, yet on there facebook page they want you to pick your top 3. I think they should at least send one of each flavour! Anyways, I registered 5 times picking each of the flavours. Yes, I know it says "limit 1 sample per person.", but I will need to try each of the flavours before I can pick my top 3 --- if they do not comply and send me one of each flavour I guess my top 3 will all be the same flavour of whatever sample I end up receiving.
    • BobSagget
    • If you don't have Facebook and still want this freebie, here is my trick to get the sample. This also bypasses the captcha requirement.

      This is what you do:

      Copy the below link, replace bold parts with your own information and paste it into your URL bar.

      https://ssl.unileverservices.com/freesamplev1.liptontea.ca/registerClient.ashx?firstName=<b>Bob</b>&amp;lastName=<b>Sagget</b>&amp;address1=<b>123 Fake Street</b>&amp;address2=&amp;city=<b>North Pole</b>&amp;postalcode=<b>H0H0H0</b>&amp;email=<b>BobSagget@Bobsagget.com</b>&amp;productType=<b>Cranberry Pomegranate</b>&amp;languageCode=en-CA&amp;optinLipton=undefined&amp;optinUnilever=undefined
      To select your flavour copy/paste any one of these:

      Cranberry Pomegranate
      Blackcurrant Vanilla
      Cranberry Pomegranate
      Passion Fruit
      Red Goji

      If it has worked you should see a page that says:

      If you sign up again, use a new email, using the same email will result in:
      /freesamplev1.liptontea.ca/RepeatUser.aspx? and your sign up did not go through.

      It might seem more effort than it's worth, but if you don't have Facebook and don't want to sign up for it, it only takes a minute or two to follow the steps and get your sample. Enjoy.
    • wachidarin
    • Thanks!

      and why not just create a facebook specifically FOR freebies? Same as creating an e-mail account for that purpose.
      No need to post a photo of yourself or anything much.
      Seems like less a hassle and a good way to quickly take advantage of all the promotions shared through social media these days.
    • IDStorms
    • Thanks OP,

      Always worth a try.

      Also thanks to BobSagget and kschen for their shortcuts!
    • kobra911
    • Thanks "kschen" for the tip. I worked like a charm.
    • Radar57
    • Thanks for the posting! It's amazing how many are using Facebook now. :-)
    • ahujie
    • I just got my samples in the mail today. They actually sent two teabags, the second was included as a bonus according to the package. i got 1 acai berry and 1 passionfruit/orange/jasmine. Both smell delicious!!

      The package also included a coupon for $1 off a purchase of Lipton Tea

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