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McDonald's Drink Days Are Back! Any Size Soft Drink or Small/Medium Iced Coffee for $1 (Starts 4/30)

McDonald's Drink Days Are Back!
This deal has expired! This deal has expired!

April 19 Update: Just a heads up, the promotion doesn't start until April 30. Sorry for any confusion!

It's back! The popular Dollar Drink Days at McDonald's is back again for the summer which means you can indulge in any sized soft drinks or small or medium iced coffees for just $1. This is a sweet deal for those of you who want to switch up your normal coffee routine or just prefer to get a refreshing soft drink at lunch without having to spend too much out of pocket.

That's all there is to it but more details can be found here.

Usually the promotion runs until September, or late August, so enjoy it while you can!

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    • regularjoe1
    • I was told today at McD's that this promo doesn't start till the end of the month... so I went next door to Timmies and got a $1 iced coffee there. gg mcd
    • Ironstone
    • Same here... went to the McD's beside my apartment and was told the same thing.
    • KiKI_Mouse
    • Went there today to get an iced coffee but they weren't $1. They also didn't have any signs up.
    • konvict
    • same. This deal is false. please remove and ban the user
    • kirm
    • What a bunch of tards! Unlike Timmy's these clowns have no mention of the start time on their web site. Apparently we're supposed to read these Rhodes scholar's minds.

      Thanks to whoever divined their start date.
    • Emporium
    • Link seems to be from last year's promo. No direct links from the mcdonalds.ca we page exists to this page. Current promos from main page, are just the smoothies. So link was either taken from a posting about last years promo, or directly from a search engine hit.
      Probably left behind on purpose by McD, since it may become a standard summer promo, and this way it is easier to just add a link to the main menu, pointing to the existing page. Ad is generic with No dates also, so no new ad needs to be created. Looks like everyone is cutting corners...
    • Emporium
    • Looks like it is now officially live on McD web site...
      I guess the OP had some inside scoop Thnx OP...

      But it web page has changed from when initially posted.. I had not noticed that it said (C) 2012 before.. Now they have redone the page and change it to (C) 2013.. But kind of strange that they don't put any dates on the ad itself...

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