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Toronto: CNE Opening Day $1.75 Admission; $5 After 5 PM Monday-Thursday

Toronto: CNE Opening Day $1.75 Admission; $5 After 5 PM Monday-Thursday
This deal has expired! This deal has expired!
August 19 Update: Opening Day is around the corner! On August 21 (that's Friday), admission to The Ex is just $1.75.
Originally posted June 20: It's still early in the Summer but if you're planning ahead, consider going to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto, AKA the Ex, on opening day -- you'll pay just $1.75 for admission (PDF link). General admission is regularly $15 so going on opening day Friday, August 21st can save you and your family quite a bit.

If you can't make opening day, they've brought back $5 after 5PM admission on Monday through Thursdays during the two weeks the Ex is open.
Source: Source: sprung via the Hot Deals Forum
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    • kid3
    • Wow summer hasn't even started yet and already mentioning the Ex. I always think end of summer when the Ex opens.

      Already 175 years old, were has the time gone..

      Thanks for the heads up..
    • slippy
    • I'm going to take the day off work to go!
    • Kalel
    • neat thing to be done. its weird to hear cne opening on a friday i though in years past it was a wednesday. i hope this is the first of many cheapee days.
    • mada726
    • woot! woot! What an interesting bargain! But I wonder what will people do if they purchased their fun or magic passes through advance sales....lol
    • slowtyper
    • For the gambling RFD'ers...how do the casino passes work? I stumbled upon the CNE a few years ago when I was visiting TO and ended up at the casino. They gave me a free parking pass (for future visits) and a whole bunch of free admission cards (like 8 or so).

      Can I still get that?
    • Badman
    • Hmm with these prices I can even treat my friends by covering admission

      thanks op
    • ishydee
    • good deal. although correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't opening day always free a decade or more ago?
    • D-Roc
    • If you go this day it will be insanely crowded.
    • CSAgent
    • (Toronto, ON) June 18, 2009 — The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)
      announced today that admission to the fair on Friday, August 21, 2009 will
      be just $1.75 in celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the City of
      Toronto. The CNE has planned a number of festivities for this special day.
      In addition to the full 2009 roster of daily attractions (www.TheEx.com),
      Opening Day will feature free birthday cupcakes for the first 175 people,
      special ride coupons for $17.50, a variety of concessions and games for
      $1.75, and the Toronto Song Contest Finals.
      The celebrations on August 21st kick off with Opening Ceremonies featuring
      Toronto’s Mayor David Miller and the CNE’s 2009 first family. Highlights of
      Opening Day include:
       Opening Ceremonies
       Celebrity Chef Christine Cushing (Hall A, Direct Energy Centre; 2 & 5
       Toronto Song Contest Finals (Midway Stage; 7 pm)
       Spirit of Woodstock concert (The Bandshell)
       National Sand Sculpting Competition (Heritage Court; Direct
      Energy Centre)
       Canadian Forces Musical Salute (BMO Field at sunset)
       Ribfest (Bandshell Park)
      “The CNE has always been affordable, but an admission rate of $1.75 is
      something we haven’t seen in more than 30 years,” said Deputy Mayor Joe
      Pantalone, in making the announcement on behalf of Toronto Mayor, David
      Miller. “It’s just another reason why everyone should come out to celebrate
      Toronto’s favourite annual event.”

    • Talamasca
    • If you go this day it will be insanely crowded.
      Not necessarily. It is a Friday so a lot of people will be at work. It could also rain.
    • comma
    • If you go this day it will be insanely crowded.
      +1 sea of people. so tempting, though.
    • scagneti
    • If you go this day it will be insanely crowded.
      Won't be as packed as Labour Day weekend!

      Thanks OP -- We walk to the CNE, so it's good to know we can go after work and not use one of our $9 SDM passes to get in.
    • iimanda
    • I was looking for discounted CNE tickets and i found their twitter page saying:

      "The CNE announced today that admission to the fair on Fri, Aug 21, 2009 will be just $1.75 in celebration of Toronto's 175th Anniversary.
      11:12 AM Jun 18th from web"


      Not sure how this works but if it's 2 bucks HAPPY ANNIVERSARY INDEED!

      CONFIRMED! http://www.theex.com/downloads/CNE%20$1%2075%20Press%20Release.pdf
    • ephemera
    • They stopped the free opening day thing since it got way too rowdy.

      Since when did the CNE get taken over by Hot Tub vendors?
    • sb_tor
    • so first 75 people will be admitted for $1?
    • Lawcheehung
    • so first 75 people will be admitted for $1?
      no everyone gets in for $1.75, but the first 175 people get a free cupcake - and are eligible to buy the all day play passes for only $17.50

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