STEAM Steam: Super Crate Box is Now Free to Play Steam: Super Crate Box is Now Free to Play

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What's better than a heavily discounted game over at Steam you ask? How about a title that's absolutely free! Right now, Super Crate Box has launched on Steam and is 100% free to play. Fans of the 8-bit arcade classics where only the highest score mattered will definitely want to check this out.

The premise of the game is simple: grab as many crates as you can to get a high score. The only thing standing in your way, however, is a never ending wave of enemies that bullnose their way through out the level. At your disposal, thankfully, are many unlockable weapons each with distinctive traits. Stay alive, shoot the enemies, collect the crates. It's a pretty simple game that is very very addictive.

Super Crate Box is now available for download through the Steam client.


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