STEAM Steam: Gotham City Imposters is Now Free to Play Steam: Gotham City Imposters is Now Free to Play

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Following yesterday's free release of the Super Crate Box, Steam has now added the Batman-inspired Gotham City Imposters to their free-to-play list. Normally, this title would cost anywhere between $5-$10 US but, because of it's bevy of issues on the PC, we're glad to see it hit free-to-play status.

Technical issues aside, this is a pretty enjoyable online multiplayer shooter. There are lots of customization options, weapon unlocks and various maps to battle it out on. You'll play as either a Batman or Joker 'solider' and look to create or clean up the havoc imposed by the other team. It's not the most technical shooter but it's worth checking out if you have some spare time and bandwidth. Free is free afterall.

The game is about a 5.5GB download and requires the Steam client.

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    • If you look semi-carefully, you'll see that it's "impostors" not "imposters".
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