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Steam Big Picture Sale: Save up to 75% on Select Games Until December 10

Steam Big Picture Sale: Up to 75% off Select Games
This deal has expired! This deal has expired!

If you still have some money left over from the Steam Autum Sale, they're back again with a limited time Big Picture Sale where you can save up to 75% off select games. While we don't ever need an excuse to celebrate, or take part in, a Steam sale, most of the games available have full, or at least partial, controller support which allows you to play Steam games in a new way. Some of the games available include:

  • Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved - $1
  • Audiosurf - $2.50
  • Limbo - $2.49
  • Castle Crashers - $5.09
  • Braid - $2.50
  • Magicka - $2.49
  • Portal 2 - $4.99
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive - $7.49

Though the Winter Sale is coming up shortly, the prices for the games are pretty good so you'll want to gauge if you can wait for a better sale or if you want to enjoy the games now.

As with all Steam games, you'll need the client to download and install. Prices are in USD and the sale ends on December 10.

Source: timonwong via the Hot Deals Forum


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    • BrianRFD
    • Seems like there are different games other than the ones in the picture. Refreshing the page gives me different games
      Anyway, thanks OP, will be posting to the front page after I make another purchase. Stupid Castle Crashers ... sent $4 more than I had to.
    • wirestyle
    • Yeah there's a huge list of sale games, the pictures change upon refreshing. You can browse by "Full Controller Support" or "Partial Controller Support".
    • gromacs
    • CSGO and L4D2 are warm, probably won't go any lower.
    • game_fanatic
    • I don't quite understand this whole 'Big Picture' feature; why tout a feature when one can simply connect their PC to their home theatre TV and go from there? Is there a feature within the Big Picture software that makes this a better experience?
    • UserNumber1
    • I don't quite understand this whole 'Big Picture' feature; why tout a feature when one can simply connect their PC to their home theatre TV and go from there? Is there a feature within the Big Picture software that makes this a better experience?
      The big picture is a console like interface, no need for a keyboard or mouse to use it and everything is bigger so you can see it from the couch.
    • RandomSanity
    • Wow! This is better than the Autumn Sale! Picked up Sine Mora, Hell Yeah, Castle Crashers and Tiny & Big!
    • nitroblu
    • so tempted to get the cs:go deal, but I want to see if they'll run even bigger discounts during xmas
    • steveb1986
    • anyone getting a 4-pack for castle crashers??
      I'd be interested in joining a 4-pack for this as well. But do people actually play this game still?
    • clrking
    • Has the alan wake franchise ever been cheaper? Bougt it for xbox but got red ring before i could play it so looking for pc now
    • gromacs
    • Thanks OP Grabbed CS Globel Defenace
    • Fantaz
    • CS:GO for $7.49?! Now finally I'm thinking of getting it...
    • BinaryJay
    • Only thing I'm tempted by is monkey island even though I've already played that game through like 16 times in my life including the special edition on PS3 prior hehe.
    • MTommy
    • A Virus Named TOM $2.49 75% off

      Alan Wake Franchise $10 75% off includes below
      Alan Wake $7.50 75% off
      Alan Wake Collection Edition Extras $8.75 75% off
      Alan Wake American Nightmare $3.75 75% off

      The Amazing Spider-Man $24.99 50% off
      The Amazing Spider-Man DLC Pack $4.99 50% off includes below
      The Amazing Spider-Man DLC $1.49-$1.99 each 50% off

      Audiosurf $2.49 75% off
      Braid $2.50 75% off
      Castle Crashers $5.09 66% off
      Counter Strike Global Offensive $7.49 50% off
      Deadlight $10.04 33% off
      Geometry Wars Retro Evolved $1 75% off

      Hell Yeah! $3.75 75% off
      Hell Yeah! DLC $0.74-$1.37 each 75% off

      Intrustion 2 $3.39 66% off
      Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West $2.49 75% off

      Left 4 Dead Bundle $7.49 75% off includes below
      Left 4 Dead $4.99 75% off
      Left 4 Dead 2 $4.99 75% off

      Lego Batman 2 $8.69 71% off
      Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 $6.79 66% off
      Lego Harry Potters Years 5-7 $6.79 66% off
      Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga $9.99 50% off

      Limbo $2.49 75% off

      Magicka Collection $8.74 75% off includes below
      Magicka $2.49 75% off
      Magicka DLC $0.99-$1.49 each 75% off (only a few)

      Mark of the Ninja $10.04 33% off

      Orcs Must Die! 2 Complete Pack $6.24 75% off includes below
      Orcs Must Die! 2 $3.74 75% off
      Orcs Must Die! 2 DLC $1.24-$1.49 each 75% off

      Port Royale 3 $13.59 66% off
      Port Royale 3 DLC $2.03 each 66% off

      Post Apocalyptic Mayhem $2.49 75% off
      Rocketbirds $4.99 50% off

      The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition $2.49 75% off

      Shank 2 $3.39 66% off
      Sine Mora $3.39 66% off

      Sonic Generations $7.49 75% off
      Sonic Generations DLC $0.39 75% off

      Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers $2.49 75% off
      Train Simulator 2013 $18.69 66% off

      Transformers Fall of Cybertron $29.99 50% off
      Transformers Fall of Cybertron DLC $4.99 50% off

      Wanderlust Rebirth $3.39 66% off

      Warhammer 40k Space Marine $7.49 75% off
      Warhammer 40k Space Marine DLC $0.24-$2.49 each 75% off

      Wizorb $0.74 75% off
    • UnCeo
    • Wizorb is worth picking up. Fun breakout style game with some extra stuff thrown in.

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