Amazon Canada X-Men Trilogy Blu Ray+Digital Copy [Blu-ray] $12.99 X-Men Trilogy Blu Ray+Digital $12.99

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If you have a Marvel comics fan in the household who hasn't yet seen the X-Men movies, has a sweet deal on the trilogy for a limited time. Right now, you can order the X-Men Trilogy which comes with Blu ray and digital copies for $12.99. The movies have been out for awhile but if you know someone who hasn't yet picked them up, this would be a good time to pick up all flicks in one spot.

Individually, you might be looking to pay around $10-$15 each so you're saving a bit without having to go scrounging around. Quantities are limited so, if you're interested, you'll want to place an order soon.

Shipping is free on orders over $25. Thanks to obscura for sharing this one with us.


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