Target Target Debit Card and Credit Card: 5% off all Purchases at Target, No Annual Fee + Rewards Target Debit Card and Credit Card

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Target is just weeks away from opening their doors in Canada and if you're planning on doing a lot of shopping there, you might want to check out their Target Debit Card and Target RBC MasterCard offers! Here's a look at what's available:

The Target RedCard is a debit card that will debit your existing personal chequing account. Like any debit card, it's secured with a PIN. The most compelling feature of the card: you'll get 5% off every Target purchase you make -- as long as you're using the Target RedCard as your form of payment. The RedCard can only be used as payment at Target, so it won't be replacing your regular, bank-issued debit card.

The Target RBC MasterCard is a MasterCard with no annual fee. Like the debit card, it gives you 5% off every Target purchase, as long as you're using the Target MasterCard as your form of payment. It also provides .5% cash rewards on all purchases (outside of Target) as well as purchase security and extended warranty insurance.

Either card can be applied for online or in-person (either at Target for the debit card or an RBC location for the credit card). And if you're wondering where the nearest Target location will be, check this page. Some locations are opening as early as next month, with many more slated to open later in 2013. Obviously, you'll want to weigh the options -- and your own personal finances -- before opening a new credit card, but with 5% off all purchases it's certainly something to consider.


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