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Windows 8 Pro Upgrade $39.99 (Download from Microsoft)

Windows 8 Pro Upgrade $39.99 (Microsoft Download)
This deal has expired! This deal has expired!

Looking for a cost effective way to move up to Windows 8? Arguably the best deal at the moment is available from Microsoft directly. If you're running a licensed copy of Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, you can get a Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $39.99.

Keep in mind this is a download -- if you want a DVD copy shipped to you, it'll cost $69.99. We'd say stick with the download though, because in addition to saving you money, you can create a DVD or USB key copy very easily once you are up and running.

As a nice add-on, WIndows 8 Pro users can, for a limited time, get Windows Media Center as a free add-on here.

Thanks to forum mmeber ryder_ca for sharing all of the deal details!

Source: ryder_ca via the Hot Deals Forum
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    • buddylee_moa
    • u can get this for 15$ if you say you have bought a CPU in October 2012 and have win7 installed
    • buddylee_moa
    • http://updates.lifehacker.com/post/34652948747/buy-windows-8-for-15-by-telling-microsoft-you-just
    • Kramy
    • Heh. Anyone actually get the download to complete successfully? It hits 99.9% for me, then says "Download did not complete successfully

      The download task did not complete.

      The per-block repair retry limit has been exceeded. The file is corrupt."
    • kirm
    • Hey, I'll save you guys 30 bucks. Download any flavor of Linux and enjoy.
    • ciscochampion
    • I was able to download and install Win 8 Pro; I found it be a little faster than Win 7. The initial install does take some time (approx 30 mins), but it's fine after that. The metro front end is good if you have an MSN or (hotmail) account. Bottom line: it's worth upgrading to Windows 8 Pro
    • tldarby
    • The link takes me to a site that offers this for 24.99 British Pounds; then that download link only downloads the Win-Upgrade assistant. So, NO I can't seem to get this offer.
    • perfectcritic
    • Can you download and burn the disc? Can this be installed after formatting your hard drive ?
    • nigea08
    • has anyone actually received a key for the windows media center download. I have submitted 3 times with no results
    • super7
    • is this deal ($39) still on? Link ask $249 for upgrade win 8 pro version.

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