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Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct: Microsoft Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit $17.99

Tiger Direct: Microsoft Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit
This deal has expired! This deal has expired!

If you've ever had a controller die on you in the middle of a marathon gaming session, you might want to head on over to Tiger Direct where they have the Microsoft Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit on sale for $17.99. Normally $39.99, this is a great price for an extra battery and the peace of mind knowing you're just a quick battery swap away from continuing your gaming domination. Average recharge for one battery is 2 hours, and 4 hours for two batteries.

We're not sure how long the deal is on for but, if you're interested, we'd advise you hop on this before quantities run out.

The deal is available online and in-store.

Source: riskit via the Hot Deals Forum


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    • PozzyD
    • Does BB/FS PM TD? Especially online since there is no flyer?
    • KSharpenel
    • How do I price match without an internet connection or a printer? Can i take a picture of the webpage?
    • BestOffer
    • How do I price match without an internet connection or a printer? Can i take a picture of the webpage?
      they check on their computers even thou u print out something for validity...bring amazon's sku
    • bman77
    • better off getting the shoppers duraloops today
    • boontis
    • better off getting the shoppers duraloops today
      I agree, I've always run with AA rechargeables in my xbox controllers, a mix of duraloops and eneloops that I've accumulated over the MANY sales found here on RFD. When they die, swap em out and recharge them when you can. Either product you'll experience a period of time where your controller will be dead should it die mid game. Keep a spare pair of AA's near you and you are set.
    • rob187
    • I agree on the Duraloops. Just picked up a pack of 4 AA's.. 7.99 (-3.00 Brandsaver Coupon) FTW! They seem to last me about 2 weeks in my xbox controllers and I just keep a spare charged set on hand (they hold their charge up to 1 yr).
    • BrianRFD
    • Good find, much cheaper than the Rocketfish pack I was considering. Putting this up on the front page.
    • adeel
    • thanks for posting..badly need a new quick charge kit with my current batteries barely holding a charge...
    • Matrixvibe
    • Good deal, but I've always had a hard time PMing FS or BB with TD.

      Buy buy buy!
    • djemzine
    • Noob question - so with this I can charge my batteries that belong to the wireless controllers I have? No need to buy more batteries?
    • DAlmeida
    • thanks OP, been looking for a sale on these for a while! PMed with Futureshop with no trouble! was tempted to buy 2 for the price, but realistically I only need one haha
    • apf888
    • Strongly recommend Eneloop/Duraloops over their proprietary batteries.

      1. While the proprietary battery chemistry has slightly better runtime per charge than NiMH, they wear out faster and are more expensive to replace. I have 2 of them from Play and Charge kits which died in less than two years of light-to-moderate use and won't hold a charge,
      2. This is the Quick Charge Kit and does *not* include the Play and Charge cable (different kit).

      Even if you have the Play and Charge cable, once the battery is dead, you're permanently tethered to the cable and you need to get a new one.

      It is worth mentioning the newer generation packaging (when the slim came out) versions have a newer type battery, which supposedly have better runtime but may or may not have better overall lifespan.
    • yuprules
    • Already dead, ITEM NOT AVAILABLE on Tiger Direct website.
    • anom
    • Already dead, ITEM NOT AVAILABLE on Tiger Direct website.
      Item seems to be back in stock.

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