Staples Staples: Brother Multifunction All-in-One Laser Printer $99.64 with Free Shipping (Save $100) Staples: Brother All-in-One Laser Printer

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Laser printers are becoming increasingly more affordable but if you haven't made the jump yet, Staples has a good deal on a Brother model you might be interested in. Until December 11, you can get your hands on the Brother DCP-7065DN Laser Multifunction Printer on sale for $99.64 with free shipping. There are cheaper stand-alone laser printers available but if you need the flexibility of an all-in-one, you're not going to find one at a much better price than this.

Other than the scanner, fax and copier functions, this particular model also has automatic duplex printing, which allows for easy two-sided printing. Built-in Ethernet allows you to print from anywhere when connected to the network and the cost of upgrading from money guzzling inkjet cartridges to cost efficient laser printer cartridges cannot be stated enough. Small business owners especially might want to take a good look at this one.

The deal is live now but only until December 11. Shipping is free and more information can be found here.


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    • The DCP-7065DN doesn't have fax.
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    • bought and set up complete ... looks great to me ...
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    • Got this printer about a month ago and have been extremely happy about it so far!

      - Very fast to start and print. It's always on "sleep" mode by default, so it takes approximately 5 seconds to go from printing on your computer to having the paper in front of you.
      - Duplex printing is a god-send. You can set it to automatically print duplex, or manually if you'd like (why?). Haven't had any paper jams and duplex printing is very fast as well.
      - Scanning and copying is easy. You can scan and copy documents with a few clicks, so that's something to be desired.
      - Huge paper tray. Unlike Inkjets, this laser printer has a fairly large paper tray, so you can load it once and forget about it for a while.

      - It takes up a lot of room on the desk, so this may not be for you if you don't have too much extra space.
      - No included printer cable, so add on another $10 to the price.
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    • I love this printer. Also bought it for $99 earlier this year. Note that you have to replace the drum about every 10,000 prints @ about $100, OEM toner can be found for $50 and is good for 2,500 prints. Not as fast as some of the HP printers I've used but from sleep it takes a few seconds at most to start up then keeps them coming really quick. The speed of duplex printing is on par with some of high output office grade units I've used.
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    • NCIX, TN-450 cartridge for $49.99, 2600 page yield. Don't both with the $39.99 TN-420 cartridge with just a 1200 page yield.

      Costco has the TN-450 for a bit more, $56.99, but might be more convenient for some.
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    • Last post I promise, one minor con: Toner exhaust. It might bother some people if the printer sits right at the workstation for a couple of seconds before it dissipates into the air. Since it has networking, keep it next to the router and keep both away from the workstation. Done!
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