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Sony Style

Sony Boxing Week Sale is Now Live! + 3.25% Cash Back from RedFlagDeals.com

Expired Deal

with 2.75% Cash Back

Sony Boxing Week Sale is Now Live!
This deal has expired! This deal has expired!

The Sony Store Boxing Week Sale EARN CASH BACK is live and there's some decent savings here to take advantage of if you're in the market for a new HDTV, camera, laptop or some headphones. Here's a look at the offers in more detail:

  • Save up to $500 on HDTVs
  • Save $150 on 40" EX645 TV
  • Save up to 40% on Sound Bars
  • Save up to $700 on Performance Upgrades on Select Custom VAIO Laptops
  • Get $100 off Ready to Ship VAIO E-Series Laptops
  • Save $200 on NEX-F3K
  • Save $100 on DSC-HX30V
  • Save up to $400 on HandyCam Camcorders
  • Save up to $270 on DSLR Bundles
  • Up to 40% off Speaker Docks
  • Up to 55% off Noise Cancelling Headphones

Because HDTV's are mostly what people are going to be looking for this Boxing Week, here's a look at some of the deals present for the sale:

The sales are live now an don't forget to use the green links above to check out to earn Cash Back on your purchase via RedFlagDeals.com.


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    • iainrobinson
    • For whatever it's worth, the 40" EX645 which claims to be a doorcrasher at FS is the identical price of $699.99 at Sony Store with free shipping.
    • fingwerk
    • For headphone searchers:

      The Noise Cancelling MDR-NC200D is $99.99 at Future Shop's current boxing day sale.
      Sony's current price is $89.99.

      The Noise Cancelling MDR-NC500D is $149.99 at FT.
      Sony's selling these at $169.99.

      The fact that Sony actually accepts Paypal, and there's cash back, I might even order the NC200D's from them.
    • boyohboy
    • Arh only has discount on the ridiculously overpriced upgrades, but nothing on the laptops themselves
    • fingwerk
    • Ha, I tried checking out the NC200D's. They're out of stock already? The product page says they're supposed to be in-stock. Pffft.
    • Longshot49
    • Costco has the NC-180D for around that price. (Down from 150?-200?). I couldn't google the difference between the 180 and 200....
    • lewdvig
    • Nex-f3 for $399 is hot. Same as FS but sony might have stock. Henrys has same price and had 60 last night. They sold about 40 yestrday.
    • ES_Revenge
    • For whatever it's worth, the 40" EX645 which claims to be a doorcrasher at FS is the identical price of $699.99 at Sony Store with free shipping.
      What sucks is they discontinued (or didn't release rather) the 46EX645 in Canada. It was on the Sony, BB, and FS, websites about a month ago but was quickly removed. It is available in the US but not here. Since the 46EX640 was discontinued with the rest of the EX640 line, we now have a big gap between feature and price levels from the 46EX440 to the 46HX750. It's also pointless to get a 46EX645 from the US at the moment as it's more expensive than the 50EX645 is here on sale!

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