Best Buy Future Shop Flyer Highlights: Asus Ultrabook w/i5, 24GB SSD, 750GB HD, 6GB RAM, Win 8 $650 and More! Future Shop Flyer Highlights March 15-21

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We've got another rundown of the Future Shop deals this week with the main focus here on laptops, ultrabooks and, of course, HDTVs. You can check out the entire flyer here, but some of the deals that caught our eye this week include:

On the laptop side of things, Future Shop has put two Asus models on sale that appeal to very different users. The 15.6" notebook is more for power users as it has a i7 quad-core processor, lots of RAM and tons of hard drive space. The 14.1" ultrabook works well for travelers but sports just an i5 and 6GB of RAM. The solid state drive is a nice touch but, ultimately, but it's up to you to decide if portability or power is your main concern.

Moving over to HDTVs, there's a sweet 47" 120Hz, 1080p LG model on sale which would definitely work for large living rooms and sports viewers. If you're interested in a more high end TV with all the bells and whistles of the latest tech, the 51" plasma from Samsung has 3D and Smart TV functionality that isn't priced too high.

The deals are live now but end on March 21.

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    • Damn, I want one of those VIVO Books to drop to this price. Windows 8 is useless without a touch screen IMO
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