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Zellers Liquidation Sale - Everything Must Go (Select Stores)

Zellers Liquidation Sale
This deal has expired! This deal has expired!

The sale we've been waiting for has finally started! With Target stores coming to Canada in less than a year, select Zellers stores started their liquidation sales this week.

To see a list of all liquidation stores, visit the liquidation website. No details on specific sales have been announced, as it seems to vary store by store.

Liquidation stores have a few new store policies in effect, so be sure to read through the updated policies before heading in to shop. Keep in mind that:

  • Liquidation stores do not participate in the Zellers flyer deals, or HBC credit and HBC rewards offers
  • All sales at liquidation stores are final. No returns, exchanges or price adjustments.
  • Vendor coupons are accepted at liquidation stores, but Zellers/Facebook coupons will not be accepted
  • Seniors' Day discounts will not be offered at liquidation stores

Most participating stores began their liquidation sales on March 14, but others will begin on March 16, March 26 or April 3. Visit the liquidation website for full details.


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    • nyik
    • Does anyone know how much the discounts are? Looking to see if there's any good deals on TVs.
    • dearabby
    • It's 10-30% off whole store ..... spoke with a clerk today, some deals, not a ton though ......
    • runkpocker
    • Went to look at the deals at the Z in Calgary - most of the store is 10% off - and it looks like the prices were raised before the discount! Many things are still more expensive while on sale than they regular prices at Walmart! Can't say I am surprised....
    • flyeva
    • Exactly like what runkpocker said. I went to the Cedarbrae location in Toronto yesterday. It was no liquidation sale. It was more like 'let me rip you off for the last time' sale. Don't even bother going guys, or you'll be wasting your precious time.
    • BingoRingo
    • Usually they will start with a very minor discount, so that the most popular items will go at a high price, and the rest will be discounted more and more as time goes by (don't expect much on electronics and popular items).

      In the end you'll save maybe 70% off all the crap nobody wants and that they do not wish to resell at other locations, and most of it will be auctioned.
    • kirm
    • Won't even waste my time and I've got one about 2 minutes from me. It's just a repeat of when that home nicknack store went out of business (forget the name and it truly was forgettable). All hype and no real deals. I wasn't much a fan of Zellers anyway so no big loss. I do like the Targets when I'm in the States though.

      BTW, love RFD for bringing the deals. Maybe not this time but not every "deal" is a deal.
    • ikelmay
    • We went to the liquidation sale in Penticton and were ready for the as promised "up to 70% off"............. instead it was between 10% and 30% with a large number of excepted categories.

      This is beyond pathetic - I would hazard that the regular flyer items in a non-closing store are better than this. No wonder the store has been sad, empty and neglected for years. The sooner this feeble excuse for a store disappears off the landscape, the better. I am particularly annoyed as for ages I patronised Zellers because they were canadian rather than american............ ha.
    • fire1846
    • Forget it, its all junk, the prices are higher than normal so you really aren't saving a penny. Even the outdoor furniture from last summer is higher priced now than it was then. Good riddance to Zellers as far as I'm concerned, bring on Target.
    • EdwardSmith
    • Good riddance to Zellers where customer service has continually gone downhill for the past two decades. No one at the top seemed to understand how to treat customers. The Bay and Sears are headed in the same directon...jack prices up by 20% or more and then have a sale offering 20% off, hoping that customers will think they are getting a bargain...Bring on Target stores.
    • Shoppersbeermart
    • Yeah it doesn't surrprise me, but if Target bought Zellers, wouldn't they just buy up all their inventory or is it just the locations?
    • gordhg
    • be careful, in niagara region prices have been raised so they can offer you a discount. BUYER BEWARE . thank you,GORD
    • gordhg
    • prices have been raised in niagara region,so discounts are not what they seem.BUYER BEWARE
    • judgejenn2000
    • I called the Cedarbrae location this morning. Discounts there are not 20-40%

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